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Tikka T3 Caliber Change?

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  • Tikka T3 Caliber Change?

    I'm wondering if my Stainless T3 Lite in 300 WSM can be bored-out and chambered to 325 WSM? Or would the barrel have to be replaced and if so are there aftermarket barrels even available?

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    You should be able to go either direction. One of the reboring outfits can rebore the existing barrel, or you can just rebarrel the action with a new tube. I would generally choose rebarreling, as then I can choose weight and length, contour, etc. of the new barrel.
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      virtually every barrel MAKER does 8mm - one thing to consider with reboring is that most do cut rifling for the new bore, which is a very clean way to rifle a barrel with low stresses - JES in Cottage Grove OR does it that way but the last I talked to him the smallest he did was .338 but you might check with him


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        I have developed a "bug" about what to do with one of the 2 Tikka superlight 7mm RM's I have ended up with - I am seriously considering having JES rebore one (the less accurate of the 2 "if" I can determine that) to 338 Win Mag - He does absolutely outstanding work and for a reasonable price - it certainly is a LOVE/HATE relationship with "rifles" !!


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          Has anyone taken a tikka superlight to a 338-06? any concerns with doing this?


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