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  • bedding kimber montana

    I have a 30/06 kimber montana and thinking about doing a full lenght bedding job on it. By doing this it is suppose to help the consistance from shot to shot and with different bullet weights. NULA and Forbes does this on all of their rifle and they shoot really well.
    Currently my rifle shoots pretty good with handloads.

    I am wondering if any one else has does this before and what thier experance was with it. Also are their draw back to doig this like if I put a new barrel on the rifle down the road how will this effect it ?

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    G'Day Fella's,

    Skipper, the action of your Kimber Montana, should already be factory bedded, just as you suggest the NULA and Forbes rifles are!
    I have a Montana 84L in .25-06 and it shoots well under an inch for 5 shots.

    The only advice I can suggest is, make adjustments to bullet seating depth of your handloads, and see if that changes the group size?
    In general, for best accuracy with my Hunting Rifles, I seat the bullets to be 0.020" off the lands of the barrel, if the chamber throat and magazine will allow this!

    Hope that helps



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      Before actually bedding the rifle, make sure that it will help the accuracy.

      With the previous Kimber Montana's I have owned, I put a piece of paper about the thickness of a business card under the front of the barrel. That gives the effect of front pressure. Fire some groups and see how that works. If it helps, double the paper and see what the result is, better or worse. You can also use that thickness to full length bed the rifle. Using this method is temporary but much better than full length bedding the stock and then finding out it did not help.

      Good luck with your project.
      NRA Life Member since 1974


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        try a buisness card

        so I did try a heavy buisness card under the barrel at the far end of the stock and it did seem to make a three shot group a little more consistant. But I have not done a lot of testing with it. I hope to try it some more this winter when testing loads. Will also try the seating depth .020" off the lands as a starting point.


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          I full length, no pressure bedded a Kimber Montana 325 WSM, very much like you are asking - I too did it to emulate Forbes's technique - It subtly changed groups for the better but I don't know that it was worth the trouble - If your Montana '06 is the 84L lightweight it just may contain harmonics enough to tighten group consistency, no way to tell until it's done but I seriously doubt it would harm accuracy - I worked with 84L's in '06 and 280 AI and can say that, at least the 2 I worked with, were "challenging", the 30.06 actually did well but the 280 AI was a bugger


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            bedding kimber montana

            Not sure of the rules on posting links to other sites, but this thread has helped out more than one Montana owner ring out the accuracy of his/her rifle.

            I saved it for my 84 Classic but mine shoots really well without tinkering. Best of luck.



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              Hey thanks for showing me that link their are some useful things their I will look into with mine.


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