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  • Timney trigger

    I have a .300 RUM. I have seen stuff about recalls on the trigger and am wondering if replacing it with a timney trigger is really "that simple" to do myself. Spoke with Remington and its an easy 3-4 months or more to get it back once I send it off to them to repair--that, is not an option!

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    I recommend timneys to all my customers, it's not difficult but you will probably have to relieve the stock for the trigger to fit. My advice is to get one and read the instructions before you begin, then read them again, then read them again and follow them verbatum!!
    I have seen a few rifle fire without pulling the triggers but NEVER on a remington.


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      Good luck finding a Timney trigger right now, I gave up and went with a Schilen on my .300 RUM.


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        Removal and installation of a Timney 510 trigger

        Timney trigger adjustment.
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          Replacement on remington 700s is simple. You can do it yourself, or you can get one of the local smiths to do it. You can order the timneys pre-set to the pull you want and its only a cpouple of pins to remove to swap the whole assembly out. I have Timney Triggers on all my remingtons, and they are awesome. Order direct from timney
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