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Post-64 Winch mod 70; need new barrel-to-stock bolts

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  • Post-64 Winch mod 70; need new barrel-to-stock bolts

    The cylindrical nuts/bolts, hidden nuts, binder posts and screws, whatever they are called, on my stock are worthless. These are the bolts that hold the barrel in the stock, and sit horizontally. The ends have recessed allen heads, which are almost capable of not stripping when you disassemble them to remove the barrel, and are almost easily used in the field w/ normal emergency tools. I just took a Dremel tool and scarfed slots in them so that I could get them apart with straight-blade screw drivers after they stripped. I could likely get a flat, thin file and square up the grooves, like a normal bolt, but that leaves an untreated groove that will soon rust. If I could find said specialized bolts already cad plated or SS it would be nice. Do our friends at Winchester sell replacement bolts/nuts that are more normal and not fancy and slick and useless? Does anyone in Frb have a variety of this type of bolt, like AIH or Denali Fastener? Anywhere else? I tried Google, but am not sure exactly what these hummers are called, so I found a lot of similars, but not these. Thanks. john

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    I presume you are speaking of the recoil crossbolts. If so, these are a unique Winchester part and there is no substitute that I know of. You can buy new ones from Numrich. Then send them out and have them plated. It should be unnecessary to disassemble these from the stock. Talley makes a set of crossbolts, but they are smaller in diameter both at the head and on the shank, and the head has two small holes for a pin type spanner to screw them in.
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      why did you take them out?


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        "Why'd you take them out?" Glad you asked, and the answer is, now that I look at the disassembled gun: Ignorance. I could not get the barrel out of the stock to clean and dry it (was in the rain for a week) and it looked like they needed to come out. Now that they are out and the gun is apart, I see the reason they are not necessarily made to take out. I hate it when that happens. Carp. I'll grease the threads and put 'em back in. Lesson learned.
        Next topic, please.


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          I appreciate your honesty. LOL. Best wishes. J.


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            at least now you know they're in good shape and have grease on 'em ....


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