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Carpet Rip Out Blowout!!!!!!

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  • Carpet Rip Out Blowout!!!!!!

    Well Jim just told me that we are ripping out the yucky carpet in the showroom (like who has carpet in a showroom in Alaska anyway?) and redoing the floors so that they are more Alaska friendly.

    Nice. That means EVERYTHING on the floors in the front gets moved in the back. Nice.

    You guys that have been here know we have big old display cases and tons of ammo on the floor. Nice. This is gonna be my summer? Moving ****? Nice.

    So me and Hans and Phred are asking for your help. The more we remove from the floor and the cases, the less we have to move (or the less we have to make the guys in the back move and listen to them whine ). That means that motto is GET THIS STUFF OUT OF HERE!!!!

    Colts, SIGs, S&Ws, Rugers, Zeiss, Swarovskis, Hensoldts, FNs, Leupolds plus ammo ammo ammo. Bring your bankroll. Cash offers rule. CCs accepted without surcharge too. Prices too low to publish. Reasonable offers accepted. Those who help us out in this floor clearing sale will be automatically placed on my mental preferred customer list forever.
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