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Ask an Alaska Wildlife Trooper Forum - Welcome Note and Forum Guidelines

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  • Ask an Alaska Wildlife Trooper Forum - Welcome Note and Forum Guidelines

    We are a Division of Wildlife Troopers under the Alaska Department of Public Safety. Our mission is to educate resource users and to protect Alaska's natural resources through wildlife and fisheries enforcement.
    Our goal in this forum is to provide a venue where questions can be posed and answered to a large audience.
    The ground rules of this forum are as follows:

    1. Questions should be submitted by PM (private message) to this account. Only specific questions will be answered. Questions identified as “what if” questions will not be addressed.

    2. Not all questions will be answered. Some questions require too much explanation or legal references to list in this arena. These types of questions would be better answered in person or on the phone. Questions that are answered will be posted in this forum.

    3. Questions should be specific to the regulations or statutes that Alaska Wildlife Troopers enforce. Regulations specific to areas that Wildlife Troopers have no authority or are not the primary enforcement agency will not be answered.

    4. In some instances, the question cannot be answered without additional clarification from the author. In these circumstances, AWT may contact the author for clarification. AWT will not answer follow-up questions. Once the answer is posted, we will not make further comment.

    5. Seasons and bag limits change, sometimes on a daily basis with emergency orders. Every effort will be made to answer the question accurately at the time of submission. In some situations, the answer will change as regulations or statutes change. In all situations, if you are unsure of the regulations in the area you are hunting or fishing, contact AWT in your area for clarification.

    The answers to these questions are not intended to be legal advice. Alaska Wildlife Troopers cannot provide legal advice on any subject. This forum is intended to provide the general resource user information on hunting and fishing laws and regulations in Alaska. By providing this nexus to the resource user, it is hoped that some violations will be prevented before they occur.

    Finally, Alaska Wildlife Troopers realize that that vast majority of resource users want nothing more than to participate in hunting and fishing activities without committing a violation, and are upset when a violation occurs in their presence. AWT relies heavily on the reporting of these violations to us in order to catch and prosecute these violators. Preserving our hunting and fishing heritage means as much to us as it does to you. If you observe a violation, please contact your local office of Alaska Wildlife Troopers or Wildlife Safeguard toll free at 1-800-478-3377.

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