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Looking For a Retired Wildlife Trooper!

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  • Looking For a Retired Wildlife Trooper!

    Hi folks,

    If you've been on this site long, you know that this forum "Ask and Alaska Wildlife Trooper" came to us at the request of the Alaska State Troopers. They thought a venue for Q&A would serve the public well. We agreed, as long as they would agree to staff it with someone who could speak on behalf of the Troopers. So we created a user account that several active wildlife Troopers had access to. But they went on to other assignments, and this forum has languished in the backwater for some time.

    A related issue is that some members thought the Troopers would be able to address questions related to interpretations of the law. When they discovered that the Troopers are here to enforce the law, and interpretation is left to the courts, interest flagged.

    More recently we began to look for ways to lean down our forum offerings in order to improve the user experience. This forum is one we are looking at cutting, unless there is still enough interest to keep it. Here are some questions for you, and I would appreciate your vote on keeping it or scrapping it.

    What if we changed the purpose of it a bit, and had a retired Wildlife Trooper field the questions? He would not be bound by the same constraints he would if he still worked for the Department, he could post anonymously, and it would be understood that his posts would reflect actual field situations and potential Trooper responses. The posts would not have any legal use in court, but they could help people avoid entanglements with the Troopers to a degree. I'll post a poll to get your perspective, and feel free to comment on this, pro or con. Not interested in a lot of commentary, or how you feel about the Wildlife Troopers one way or another, just whether or not the idea still has merit.

    On a related note, I would be interested in recruiting a retired Wildlife Trooper who would monitor this forum and answer member's questions. If that's you, please drop me a private message. I can set up a "Retired Trooper" username for you, to protect your identity, if you prefer.

    Thanks, everyone!


    Yes, if modified (explain)
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    There are many questions concerning regulations. The questions usually end up in fishing, hunting and other sub-forums. Just like we have posts that do not pertain to anything "Alaska" showing up from time-to-time. If people put their questions in the Ask the Trooper, it might help.

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