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Number of hooks allowed for Halibut

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  • Number of hooks allowed for Halibut

    Q. I was reading about a double hook rig that could be used for halibut. I have seen the same style of rig used as a "Shrimp Fly Rig" but not in line heavy enough for halibut. Is there a maximum number of hooks allowed when fishing for halibut?

    . Sport fishing gear is defined throughout regulation, but the specific regulation pertaining to your question can be found in 5 AAC 75.020. This regulation specifies that " Unless otherwise provided in 5 AAC 47-5 AAC 75, sport fishing may only be conducted by the use of a single line having attached to it no more than one plug, spoon, spinner, or series of spinners, or two flies, or two hooks. The line must be closely attended"

    In salt water two hooks may be used. You may also look at the previous Alaska Wildlife Trooper post which talks about the term "hook". This answer deals with sport fishing in salt water only. Other types of fishing in fresh water may have different regulations governing the number of hooks allowed. Thanks for asking the question.


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