The 2011 Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations Summary booklets for Southcentral Alaska do not accurately describe the bag and annual limits for spiny dogfish. The bag limit for spiny dogfish shark in all marine waters statewide is five per day, five in possession, with no annual limit or recording requirement.
The text in the Southcentral Alaska regulations summary under “Sharks, Annual Harvest Limit and Recording Requirement” accurately excludes spiny dogfish from the definition of “sharks” in regard to the annual limit and recording requirements. However, the liberalization of the spiny dogfish bag limit is not reflected in the regulations summary booklets for Prince William Sound, North Gulf Coast, Kodiak, and Bristol Bay.
The bag limit for other species of sharks remains at one per day, one in possession, with an annual limit of two sharks and a requirement that anglers immediately record harvested sharks on the back of their license or harvest record card.