How does AWT define "5 miles" per the Dalton Highway Coridor Management Area?



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  • How does AWT define "5 miles" per the Dalton Highway Coridor Management Area?

    There has been some discussion about the 5 mile limit as to whether it's 5 "map" miles, or 5 statute i.e. "walking" miles, as if someone was wearing a pedometer.
    Personally, I have always used the "map" miles standard when planning hunts, and then walked past my estimate of the 5 mile point for insurance. I assume if you're called to make an enforcement judgment you're going to use a GPS which would indicate the "map" mile standard.

    The Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area requires that you be at least five miles from each side of the Dalton Highway from the Yukon River to the Arctic Ocean, when taking game. However, big game, small game and fur animals may be taken within the area by bow and arrow only.
    When Troopers enforce this regulation, they usually locate the kill site, take a GPS position and then go to the nearest point on the Dalton Highway. The regulation reads "five miles". This means five miles from any point on the Dalton Highway.
    The following are a few examples of how some people find themselves in violation of this regulation:
    1. They think that since they have been walking for a long time, they must have gone at least five miles.
    2. They start walking in on a straight portion of the road and forget that several miles back there is a large bend in the road that extends into the area that they are hunting.
    3. They start walking straight in and then gradually begin to walk parallel to the road and have a hard time getting at least five miles out.
    4. They shoot an animal before they get five miles out and think they will not get caught.
    AWT recommends that hunters become very familiar with the area they plan on hunting. Further, GPS the point where you start walking in from the highway and make sure before you shoot an animal that you are at least five "straight line" miles from any portion of the highway.
    Thanks for the question, AWT

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