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Native Corp. + Dept. Interior.....Solving all your problems.......No Worries

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  • AGL4now

    “We support ideas such as restructuring government and we want to be involved along the way and not read about it and find out that way,” said Kitka.

    Zinke says Alaska Natives should have a greater voice and need a place at the table.

    “Why can’t we allow villages to manage their destiny? And that means being an active participant in managing mammal populations, fish populations rather than having sometimes a smaller voice I think maybe they should have the voice,” Zinke said.

    ****** Maybe read it twice.....or maybe twenty-two times. How is that pissing and moaning working out for you......???

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  • Native Corp. + Dept. Interior.....Solving all your problems.......No Worries worries, they only want what is best for you.......:whistle::whistle:

    .So, did you have a private meeting with the new head of the Dept. of Interior....??? Did he seem receptive to your issues.....??? I didn't think so. Surely the tide will shift in the next 20 years, yea.....I don't think so either.

    "Your either driving the boat, or you get the big surprise as to where the trip ends"...........How has that worked out.....????????????

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