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"WARNING" WARNING......RANT "About Alaska Resource Management".

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  • "WARNING" WARNING......RANT "About Alaska Resource Management".

    This is a slightly altered copy of a post I made on the different (and likely hardly read) thread.....
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    No.....not exactly aimed at you, more like aimed at all of these type threads, wherein members proclaim their deep interest in the management of any F&G in it Salmon or the Kenai River or Unit 13 Caribou or Cook Inlet, Community Harvest, etc. etc. etc.

    When I read about peoples deep, deep, deep, deep caring about this type stuff, what I see is not their deep caring, only that they want a better advantage over someone else to harvest that.

    Now if someone said "I deeply love the Salmon in the Kenai River, and therefore I proclaim that I shall never ever go near the Kenai River, because that is how much I love it and want it protected for ever and ever", that would feel like it is NOT fabricated B.S.

    In my opinion and in my experience (47 years as an adult in Alaska & 34 years as a hunting guide) Very few people give a rats'butt-hole, they talk a good story-line, but they don't really care, beyond their desire to grab their share, get their animal, be it fish, fowl or beast. They really only care to the extent it might enhance their getting what they want from Alaska.

    Not specifically about you......but about many, and maybe most.

    People only pretend to care, so as to obscure their GREED.
    "Life Is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing" - Helen Keller

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