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    Just an FYI :

    During the Knik Public Use Area 'process', some of these folks and associates promoted, and still promote, well-documented 'misinformation' that resulted in non-motor trails being lost/seriously degraded along with important habitats. These trails had specific use public funding applied in the past, as verifiable by agency process plans, documents, and maps.
    One of these historic trails accesses critical habitat (DNR and F&G Commissioners, 1984). A single track trail at the beginning of efforts to affect sustainable use, the trail is now torn to hell and habitat damages acknowledged (F&G). DNR's long drawn out process enabled 'established use' to occur - a very poor alternative to balanced wise use, enforceable use (anadromous fish habitat laws are routinely violated), and in no way 'traditional'. F&G, USFWS, Audubon, local government, soil scienctists and others had their contributed testimony ignored by an 'access at any cost' movement.
    Another usurped route was built with equestrian group funding.
    New regulations regarding allowable rutting have been put in place in the Knik and strict motor advocates (to include promoters of this subject new org.), as well as DNR, have stated their intent to apply this model to other public lands. The regulation is even completely 'lifted' for one area.

    When you see folks being accused as 'Anti's' in a coalition announcement, balance may be lacking. That is a divisive, rather than reasoned approach.
    Most land manager professionals now realize that not all uses are wise in all habitats - Alaska has a ways to go in that arena. Folks whom seek quiet use also have rights and needs and this becomes pronounced in areas of high use and population growth.

    Full disclosure: I use OHV's in the Knik, but am proud to be a conservationist when it comes to the sensitive moose, waterfowl, salmon (wildlife in general) habitat that I have watched degrade. 'Tread Lightly' principles are routinely abused and provide thin cover. Restoration is expensive.

    I respect the reasons for coalitions forming, but do not agree with unsupportable methods that harm sensitive habitats. Can we get beyond the 'anti' approach and weigh the impacts - I doubt it.
    "Punish the monkey - let the organ grinder go" - Mark Knopfler

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    Bronco, Bronco, Bronco....
    When the "Quiet Rights" groups stop saying "but we might hear them".
    When the Preservationists (as opposed to the true conservationists) stop saying "Let us compromise, just give up some places you can go now...".
    When the Preservationists admit the population of Alaska and the recreational needs of alaskans are growing.
    When the Preservationists admit that there may be legitimate ways to recreate that they don't agree with.
    When the Preservationists admit that people besides them have needs and we must all share.
    Then there may be no more talk of "anti's".
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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      At issue here is what happens with all the factual documentation of less than above board and inequitable actions committed during one 'process' being eyed as a model - stuff I could have happily gone a lifetime not witnessing and will be most pleased when it is all finally processed.
      Unfortunately, due to various positions I have held, I am somewhat responsible for deciding how to handle it on several levels. The 'FYI' below was what I chose to do here, for now, for minimal awareness and to convey basic expectations of responsible and moral behaviors. Well wishes for better times, too. Not sure what is next, but do know some of what has occurred.

      I'll pass on all of the name-calling entirely while dealing best I can with the record as needed - a real PITA.
      "Punish the monkey - let the organ grinder go" - Mark Knopfler


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        68 Bronco

        I suspect we've met somewhere along the way but don't know for sure. I am Scott Lapiene and I currently serve as President of the Mat-Su Trails Council Inc. I also serve on the State's ORTAB Board as the Mat-Su & Copper River Basin Rep and I have been asked to serve on AKAOHV as its Land Use Officer.

        The Mat-Su Trails Council is only multi-modal trails organization in the Boro. I am certain that folks involved in the Council will confirm that during my tenure the Council has taken a balanced and reasoned approach to all trail uses. I have worked hard to maintain that balance and will continue to do so as long as they'll have me.

        That said, my personal choices for recreation are mostly motorized. I am tired of being kicked around by the anti-motorized crowd. Have you ever been to a Mat-Su Parks & Trails Board Meeting where motorized discussions took place? It is no wonder that the motorized folks won't volunteer to serve on the Board. It is seldom any different in other boards & forums.

        I use(d) anti on purpose. It has been my experience that few of the non-motorized trail users are willing to have open, reasoned discussions. Motorized recreation is under assault every where we look. Eklutna is the only place for ATVs in Anchorage (Bird Creek is a joke as most of the trails have been closed for no good reason). ATVs have been banned in the entire City and Boro of Juneau and efforts are under way to do the same in Kodiak. Every day we can find stories about closures or proposed closures in Alaska and the L48.

        I have never once heard of a motorized user seriously propose that a non-motorized trail be closed so they can use it. I never hear of non-motorized users taxing themselves with registration fees to pay for trails. In fact the opposite is the case with the Rec Trails Program. RTP takes gasoline taxes paid by ATVs, OHVs and Snogos and spends it on non-motorized trails!

        It is time for motorized users to band together to insure their voice is heard. IMO AKAOHV is NOT about creating a forum where reasoned and balanced discussion can be had with people who are NOT motorized users. If the group of motorized users wants to have those discussions, more power to them.


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