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So what happened with the sheep issues/debate?

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  • So what happened with the sheep issues/debate?

    So where is the State at with the sheep issues with respect to limits, quotas, non-residents, licenses, etc.?
    I've been looking for some updates from meetings or final resolutions but the whole thing seemed to blow over.
    So, has anything been resolved?

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    Nothing has changed with regards to unlimited non-resident allocation in harvest areas. None of the proposals related to sheep allocation passed at the recent BoG meeting, though I do believe there is at least one other coming forward in the March BoG meeting.


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      Ok thanks. I thought with all those pages of arguments, we'd see some comments on what happened.


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        Not all harvest areas have "un-limited non-resident allocations" In many areas guides are alloted only a specific number of sheep that they can take hence not un-limited. On the other hand a "Air Taxi or a Transporter can drop off 100 sheep hunters in the same area where the guide can only legally harvest a certain number say 10. They kill 50 and the guide kills 10. wheres the negitive impact coming from? That is what truely needs to be looked if there is indeed a proplem with sheep populations,. but I guess it's easier to attack the guides when they and their hunters foot much of the bill for the state..


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