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  • Wood Frogs

    In case you've been out in the swamp this spring and wondered how you could help in the research effort regarding those little frogs you've been hearing, there is an outlet for your concern:

    Check out to download a fillable form to record your frog sighting. Send it to ADFG. There you have it!

    I found a whole colony of them in the low-lying area off to the side of the Yukon River bridge the other day. Pretty cool little critters.
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    I have a ton of them around my place.
    "If I could shoot a game bird and still not hurt it, the way I can take a trout on a fly and release it, I doubt if I would kill another one." George Bird Evans


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      I see a bunch in the back yard every year.


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        Thanks for the link D, we have some here as well in a place we call the "Frog Pond." I'll fill out the survey, cool they have audio to listen to as well to estimate numbers.
        Mark Richards


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