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Helping moose NOW- what you can do.

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  • Helping moose NOW- what you can do.

    It seems like all the discussions about predator control, habitat management, shoot cows, don't shoot cows, spike/50, all come down to one thing: we as hunters would like more moose available for us to shoot! But how do we individually do that?

    There are 4 snowcats sitting unused in Willow right now, with a man ready to volunteer his time running one, but he needs diesel. He puts down trails to good browse to draw moose away from the easy running on railroad tracks and highways. He's been doing this several years, with very good results. But he needs your help!

    This is not Moose Federation, though he's actively worked with them. The amount I heard that is needed is $1,000, but every gallon helps- so $4.25 gets a couple miles of trail. PM me for more information- I'll let you know who it is.

    Bottom line- every moose saved from the roads and railroads is one thats there to breed or be bred, and possibly end up in your freezer come hunting season.

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    The number is (907) 495-6479, Newman's Hilltop Tesoro. If anyone would like to donate, just call them with the amount and credit card number, and they'll put it into the Moose Federation's fuel account, which the snowcat operator can then draw from.


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      So how much is farley gonna pay himself to "groom moose trails" to feeding nirvana?

      Sorry to sound like a jerk Willphish, I know your intentions are probably good. I'm just tired of these AMF guys sitting in Anchorage and Wasilla talking about growing moose and clearing highway ROW's for our "safety" ....just so they dont have to spend as much effort finding a moose to harvest in someone else's backyard. I have seen more moose this winter along the highway and in general than I have ever seen in my 15 years here.
      There's too dam many of them already and they are a frickin hazard to those of us who live there!


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