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An article: Palin, politics and Alaska Predator Control

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  • An article: Palin, politics and Alaska Predator Control

    Check it out if you're interested.

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    Interesting article. I ain't a wildlife bio, but it seems to me that human consumption is driving this issue, but it doesn't get much attention in the article. Moose, caribou, wolves, and bears have been living in Alaska for a very long time. And presumably, they did just fine. Now that Alaska is becoming more and more populated (urban and rural), the need for high numbers of large ungulates continues to grow. That leads to more predator control, which inflates the numbers of ungulates, which inflates the expectation of subsistence and recreational hunters alike. Which then argues for more predator control. Not sure where it ends. Maybe it doesn't.....


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      Interesting that it says that SFW is anti predator. I am not a member but the more I watch over the last few years the more unfounded anti-sfw comes to light. I don't see any evidence that they are anti-predator. They seem to look at them like I do weeds in my garden. I don't kill myself trying to get every weed and I could care less about the ones outside my garden plot. I just want to keep the ones in there knocked down so that my food can flourish.


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        Seemed to me they tried to make the article somewhat balanced, but overall I got the sense that the writer was not in favor of Predator management.
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