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  • hunting equals smaller animials

    A few weeks ago there was a thread here about how trophy hunting was making our animials smaller, some on here said things like "we have known this for a long time" Well I had never heard of this before and certainly never seen any indication of it my self so I did some research on this and yes there are some bioligists who make that claim, the ones that I found that did were against hunting. I wont go into all the details I found as I think this one factor should show how this theory is flawed. All big game animials that hunters search for (large trophy males) are on average (depending on species) from 4 to 7 years old before they get to be trophy quality! By this time they have had ample time to pass on their genes! There is a slew of info out there on this subject for anyone who wants to look into it includeing bioligists who say the theory of smaller animials is junk bioligy.

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    Some of the best arguments I have heard from biologists is that, "There are to many". Can you imagine how messed up the wildlife was before biologists. I am glad we have them to fix all of natures problems. Ha!Ha! The worst part is that we are paying a lot of their salaries.


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