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The drought is over

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  • The drought is over

    Unit 16 will have a fall moose resident only season starting this year. This fall will be the first time in over 10 years I'll be able to hunt moose in my back yard.

    Summary of hunting and trapping regulations

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    Thanks for the link..... It appears that the "not more" than 10% of 14C sheep tags can be won by non res proposal got twisted into a 13% allocation for non res!!

    I am glad to see that Lake George Goat will be going back to a registration hunt in 2010 though.

    They state that they are going to lengthen the Moose season in units 14A/B by adding 5 days to each end but the dates reflect the season being shifted back 5 days later with the total hunt window left the same.


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      Glad to see the news about the black bear in unit 15 and 7. Now I can get two this fall on the Kenai if I am lucky enough to get that opportunity, instead of the 1 spring/1 fall. Never really understood the logic behind that rule.


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