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ADFG kill 6 moose on Ft Rich. & Elmendorf

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  • ADFG kill 6 moose on Ft Rich. & Elmendorf

    I read this in this morning ADN.

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    Originally posted by hiline View Post
    College Boys. There have been so many studies conducted on the Anchorage Bowl Moose, that I really need to ask; Why? Does each new up and coming set of trainee's have to learn things all over again? I will wager none of the guys involved in the study have pulled up the archives laying around in the back offices and storage bins and read them. They think management all got started when they got hired.
    The real sad part from conducting studies is that we never learn from them.
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      So is tranquilizing an animal some new science? Sounds like they OD'd.
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        Wow. We're paying these people?!


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          On topic

          Lets try to keep it on topic guys without mentioning names.

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            Originally posted by Akres View Post
            College Boys. There have been so many studies conducted on the Anchorage Bowl Moose, that I really need to ask; Why?
            The newspaper report states that the study is regarding moose movement corridors. Time and human development will change such movements over time, so older studies might not be accurate today, and different results will likely spur even more questions.

            Concurrent with this moose study is an attempted wolf study on Ft. Richardson motivated by the wolves that were killing dogs in the Eagle River area. My understanding is that after months of trying, not a single wolf has been safely caught and collared.


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              Had my first and several subsequent wolf sightings in Anch bowl this winter. I woulda shared the info had I known they were actively searching for them. Found a few moose carcasses too.


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                Want to see a wolf on Ft Rich?? Next fall when the moose hunters are out and killing moose, sit on a gut pile and see what happens. Several moose were taken off a very popular trail on the south side of Ft Rich. Everytime I happened by one there were wolf tracks everywhere.....and some fairly large brown bear tracks as well. I even stumbled upon a pack eating a bowhunter killed moose, I was so close I could hear them fighting over the scaps and actually had 1 wolf sneak up behind me. A friend and I were sitting in a spot where a good friend of mine had killed a large bull 3 weeks prior, we had several wolves come to within 40 feet of us and they never knew we were there. So IMO, if they want to move some wolves off of Ft Rich, it's not that difficult to do.


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                  I concur, w/AKF&G slaying 6 cows, the wolves will definately add to the decreased offspring. Why isn't the F&G going after the wolves? I wish they'd open the area up for predator control, not only for wolves, but for bear too!
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                    Because they are trying to drop the moose population at the same time. They'd like to take 300 or so more moose from the bowl, having a hard time finding areas to have the hunts though. No need for predator control here. Although I gladly paticipate in Chugach wolf hunting.


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