What else could be killing our sheep?



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  • What else could be killing our sheep?

    I'd like to see the Alaska Wild Sheep Federation try go after the eagles next. Not really! But while they are at it let's see how far they make it with that one. I agree with the aerial predator control. I would have also agreed with them if they would have picked specific control areas on coyotes just like they do for the bears and wolves but their last push to list coyotes as vermin and open the season up year around (all across the southern part of the state) and leave them lye after killing them was rediculous.
    Click on the pick for the video. It's free from bugs, it's on my photobucket page. I haven't figured out how to just embed the video to play from here. It's 2 minutes 50 seconds of some amazingly clever birds.
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    thats some cool stuff there.... just knock them off the cliff. LOL my 7 yr old is still crying......hehe... poor sheep.

    several moons ago.. i had my step son out ptarmi hunting in Thompson's pass... we were really into the birds. i popped 3 in a row and they would roll down the hillside and he would catch them.... a young eagle. watched and timed it just right and grabbed one he was setting up for. the look of shock on his face.... and he turned to me.....

    SHOOOOOOT IT SHOOOOOT IT.... man was he upset at that eagle.
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      that would have been neat to see. Funny but still an awesome sight. How many other folks can say they had that happen.
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        Lynx have been observed harvesting adult Dall Sheep. Even 100 years ago Charles Sheldon, observed it twice, in the Denali area.
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          The guy has a lot of interesting vids. Not sure how authentic they are but interesting footage for sure.

          These should probably be in the wildlife forum


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            Was up in the AK range hunting sheep in the 80's and watched a golden eagle trying to lure ewes off thge edge of a cliff. The ewes would charge and the eagle would fly just before the reached it. This went on for a while.


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              Eagles Control???

              Frankly, I am not opposed to a little raptor control myself. While sheep hunting in the Talkeetna's this past season, I watched a golden eagle dive bomb a lamb, for a good hour. How bout some Aerial Eagle Control, I'll ride shotgun!!!


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                what is wrong with you guys?

                really, whether or not a few eagles take a few lambs is no big deal, i value the sight of eagles as much as sheep....
                BUT... are we talking resident eagles or non-resident? we all know that many eagles that winter elsewhere come north to prey on OUR sheep and goats, and this has GOT to stop!!
                non-resident eagles must be limited to no more than 10% of the allowable prey harvest... this must be enacted to protect the resources that rightfully belong to Alaskan eagles.
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                  DAVE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!! LOL best one i've heard yet!!
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                    Eagles...got to go!!!

                    have not right to subsist off our sheep! We should gun down 90% of the eagle population to open up a 50% increase in hunting opprotunity, SSS is what I says! The mortality saving the sheep, from eagles, would make up the increased hunting opportunity & put money in our sheep guides pockets...The nerve of some people wanting to protect such VERMIN as EAGLES! :mad:


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                      O.k. the initial eagle crack was a shot at the wild sheep federation. Not to be taken seriously about the eagles. Just more of a back handed comment on how anything that takes the sheep and puts a strain on the guides needs to be eliminated according to the federation. Which in turn causes them to put forth ridiculous proposals to the BOG.
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                        food for thought

                        How does eagles legs and eggs sound?



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                          I wonder how many more sheep are killed by non-resident hunters?


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                            Eagles are also a major predator on nechina caribou. I say we put a bounty on them again.
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                              Its a simple solution BOG needs to mandate that non-resident eagles only harvest full curl or larger rams. Any non-resident eagle caught violating this mandate shall sentenced to an immediate death penalty.
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