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  • BoG votes

    P - Passed
    F - Failed
    T - Tabled or on hold
    UN - Unknown
    N/A - Not Applicable

    GMU 6-Cordova
    39 - P
    38 - F
    41 - P
    40 - P
    204 - F
    36 - F
    31 - P
    30 - UN
    29 - F
    201 - N/A
    35 - P
    32 - P
    33 - UN
    34 - UN
    37 - UN

    Region II-South Central/Statewide

    246 - P and Ammended
    197 - F
    245 - UN
    199 - P
    198 - T
    222 - F
    110 - F
    221 - F
    220 - F
    205 - F
    244 - F
    202 - UN
    200 - P and Ammended
    223 - F
    111 - UN
    203 - UN
    240 - T
    241 - T
    115 - T
    242 - T (possibly going to be passed, waiting on rewording)
    243 - T (possibly going to be passed, waiting on rewording)
    206 - F
    207 - F
    195 - N/A (due to 194)
    194 - P and Ammended

    GMU's 14C- Anchorage Area

    20 - F
    21 - F
    23 - F

    I left at 5:40ish, and they breaked before voting on the wolverine trapping in the Chugach area... which looked like they are voting to Pass the ban.

    The BoG want to reword the 242 and/or 243 proposals to INCLUDE all Nationally Disabled Vets, not just Alaskan Disabled Vets... as per one of the BoG members said that he didn't think there were many up here.

    240, 241 and 115 are on hold due to an advisory board meeting I couldn't go to tonight. If anyone has heard anything about this... please post it.

    This is all I got.. many people were pretty ticked off.

    GMU 14C-Anchorage, Area will resume tomorrow morning (Wednesday March 4th).
    No amount of education can help those who want to remain permanently ignorant of facts, which includes those whom have been educated.

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    thanks uppy!... above is the supposed order of the vote
    "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for; even when it isn't there."

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      I went by the order via that site. But they are skipping all over the place.
      No amount of education can help those who want to remain permanently ignorant of facts, which includes those whom have been educated.


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        Second that thank you. Yeaaaaa................244 failed, that was the FMJ bullet ban.
        I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
        I have less friends now!!


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          Originally posted by martentrapper View Post
          Second that thank you. Yeaaaaa................244 failed, that was the FMJ bullet ban.
          That is very good news. Probably the worst proposal submitted at this BOG meeting.


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            I left and didn't get to read all the props. Is there any change on the black bear limit for unit 14? I know there were several people putting in props for that not sure if they made the book though. I had some pc issues and didn't get mine in before the window closed so I doubt it made it. I hope I didn't miss my opportunity to get at least "all other" 14C moved to 3 bears. I am sure I could get three out of there in a 1 week hunt. Probably three blacks and a Griz myself. It is going to suck if I have to parade all my friends and family up there to thin the population down and give the moose/sheep a chance! Then again they would probably like option 2...<grin>


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              hmmm, as I feared not only did mine not make it in (my fault) there isn't one comperable on the ballot. There is a push to get the 14A bag limit increased to 3 (prop 167). That is a start, I wish that I was there to comment and try to get that one ammended to include 14C "all othere" areas (outside the park at least).

              I will not miss the boat next time and I hope to have get together a big push to make the fall blackies hide/skull OR meat!! I am going to stop in and talk with the Fish and game folks and see if they could use a small disposable sample for studies. Perhaps something like a jaw, or paw or something of that nature that could be turned in. Honestly even a skull is not a big deal to hike out and present as long as I don't have to pay for it. As in when I am meat hunting I have no desire to incure a taxidermy bill!

              There is a proposal this year to allow for the sale of hides in unit 15 since there is a bunch of people that meat hunt blackies and have no need/desire to keep the hides (Prop 128) . I can't see that passing but hopefully a state wide change can be made to change it to hide Or meat (in all areas currently only requiring salvage of the hide) so that meat hunters aren't disuaded from persuing the little black pigs.


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                boy will I second hide/skull OR meat! packing the hide is such a pain when all you want is food.


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                  The BOG voted to eliminate the wolverine trapping season in Chugach State Park after two dogs and two wolverines were taken last year.


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                    throwing tofu to ADN

                    Thanks for the update, CHI. This will get the ADN and DOW, PETA, etc. slobbering and howling for more! While I don't mind the BOG rescinding that trapping season, as they don't really need the flack, I don't like the reason that they were forced to do it. There was a massive misinformation campaign launched against the trapping, and the charge was led by the Anchorage media, and not defended at all by the local ADF&G. Bottom line: Chugach State Park is a multi user park, and no one use should force all or any other uses out of it.

                    If you wish to hunt or trap you should be able to- it doesn't have to interfere with other users lawfully using the park to ski, walk their dogs, or any other multi uses. Ditto for skiers, hikers, sunbathers, dog walkers, etc: the lawful prosecution of your activity should not interfere with lawful hunting or trapping in the park. If the activities do conflict, then the job of managers is to regulate the different uses of the park to reduce conflict. The job should not be to lock certain users out because other users have a more piercing shriek at public hearings.

                    Key phrase- lawful prosecution. If someone is breaking the law, then their crying about pain caused to them during their lawless activity is meaningless. If a law exists requiring a dog to be restrained, and a law exists allowing trapping, and the lawful trapper happens to capture an illegally non restrained pet, then the lawful trapper should not be forced out of the park. If a lawfully restrained dog gets caught in a lawfully set trap, then it is mismanagement and managers need to separate the users. If an illegally set trap captures a pet, whether it is lawfully restrained or not, the owner of that set should and will be punished. If the owner of the pet was also in violation of state or municipal law, they should also be punished. Lawful trappers should not be penalized- yet they often are.


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                      Correct me if I'm wrong but in listening to the board (online) I was under the impression during the discussions on the trapping buffer proposals (1 mile, 5 mile etc) that many BOG members were in favor of not impeding trappers and placing responsibility on the dog owner/non consumptive users to know what and where they were recreating. The wolverine trapping was closed based on a population estimate that the ADFG conducted and felt wolverine could not sustain a continued take and therefore was pushing to eliminate the oppurunity for further harvest? I put the question mark there because toward the end of the debate they were all over the place taking breaks etc and I think I missed some of the debate. I would hate to give credit to the antis for something that was a biological argument vs a press campaign.

                      If you go to this link:


                      you can see how the ADFG is "feeling" towards a certain proposal and in the case of prop 27 they did support adopting it and I believe the population estimate was the #1 reason for this.


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                        The Daily News quoted Ted Spraker as saying:

                        "We're doing this because there was a lot of sentiment, we're reversing our decision, but I want to make it clear that the data would allow this board to continue with an open wolverine trapping season" "But there's more issues there than just trapping."

                        Didn't get to listen so I don't know what the other board members thought...sounds more like opinion than data to me.


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                          okay i am only hearing peices. between business call

                          prop 208 fails 3-4
                          prop 18 NO
                          prop 14 limit sheep tags to non res.. yes 7/0
                          no action 15/16
                          17 no way on four extra non res tags 0-7 unit 14c

                          "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for; even when it isn't there."

                          meet on face book here


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                            Hmm thanks for filling that in for me. After having listened to quite a bit of the proceedings I have to say that I am not truly impressed with many of the BOG members,sure they have roberts rules down pat but the biological mind and ability to use the evidence to make decisions seems to be lacking in a lot of cases. Oh well thats politics lots of shadow games and hidden agendas, could always be worse, we the public could have no say in any of this and I have been there not much fun.


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                              i didn't get to go the last couple days...
                              but can anyone tell me
                              did they open non resident moose in 13?
                              did they change brown bear limit to two in unit 13?
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