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    Originally posted by DEDWUF View Post
    Avalanche, well its been working with sheep hunting, as long as there is a abundance for both user groups, I see no problem.
    Excuse me....we have shorter seasons, more draws and less opportunity this year than last year....less two years ago compared to three years ago...and on and on and on....for about 23 years.

    We have residents competing with residents for opportunity and Nonresidents are harvesting 45% of our sheep to boot.

    NO, it aint working unless you call it abundance as long as somebody can hunt something.

    Originally posted by DEDWUF View Post
    Resident hunting and non resident hunting have co-existed for a long time in Alaska, of course there have been problems in the past between these user groups, but nothing extraordinary. I've seen just about the same amount of problems in-between different resident user groups, muzzle loaders, bow hunters, rural-urban, native-non native, pro atv-anti atvs, cow hunts-no cow hunts, etc, etc
    I have no intent to come across like I am against nonresidents haveing some opportuntiy but we for sure are not going to go to welcome in Airzona or Nevada and take 45% of the elk and 30% of the mule deer.

    I think if we Alaskans are really interested in abundance managment and Alaskans first we would target a 10% "opportunity" draw system for nonresidents on all species.

    Maybe in the future we could move that 10% number up but if SFW-AOC-BOG-BGCSB-Governorgirls boys in the department are TRULY for abundance managment for RESIDENTS they should not be wasting anymore time implementing the 10% opportunity system.

    AND repealing the nonresident must be guided reg for bears at least in some areas and NO doubt we could justify almost unlimited opportunity for nonresidents to hunt bears.

    It really is not that hard to see the truth of WHO is really important to SFW-AOC-BOG-BGCSB-Governorgirls boys in the department.


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      I agree with the 10%.... but with a "sunshine clause".

      Back to the original article, by Rudy Wittshirk. The name sounded familiar, so out of curiosity I googled "Rudy Wittshirk, Alaska", it didn't take but a moment to remember.................... interesting, funny, not funny, ....I liked "Lord Alwine' on the 2nd page. Lmao


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        this line is probably the best ever published in ADN on hunting:

        "Legalize the wanton waste of one kind of game meat in order to grow more meat of another kind -- how does that make any sense at all?"
        I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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