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Kodiak Goat & Reindeer proposals

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  • Kodiak Goat & Reindeer proposals

    A couple of proposals have been made to bring the feril reindeer herd on Kodiak Is. under seasonal and bag limit managment. From what I understand the herd size is now between 50-150 animals that are being hunted into extiction by a very few with no closed season or bag limit.

    As a kid in the mid sixties I several times saw as many head 500 herded up on the beachs and hills behind Bumble Bay and Gurney Bay. At that time they were considered to be owned by the villagers. I think it was in the early eighties they were signed over to the STATE and the slaughter began. I am in favor of supporting both proposals (159 &160)to save and manage the reminates of this herd. Hell they have survived for over 75 years with out hurtin the bears or ducks so lets keep em. whadaya think.

    I`m not too sure about proposal 163 by the Kodiak AC to eliminate the draw and combine the goat areas into 1 registration hunt with a longer season. Sounds good but will it increase opertunity for off island residents and nonresidents or will the Islanders flock to the easy access areas in droves and push everthing back into the hard to get places. Kodiakians are pretty posessive towards the Islands resources so I wonder about that one.

    Proposal 164 to allocate 30% of the goats to non residents humm sounds good if you are a guide.

    Proposal 165 to eliminate the late registation hunt kind goes against my grain as I`m in a position to register and hunt in November but I gotta tell ya huntin goats in November ain`t no fun unless you got a warm cabin where you can sit and wait for em to come down. Any way just my thoughts lets get some comments in.

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    Originally posted by anonymous1 View Post
    I`m not too sure about proposal 163 by the Kodiak AC to eliminate the draw and combine the goat areas into 1 registration hunt with a longer season. Sounds good but
    I will be telling our Mat Valley AC to not support this proposal. You are correct that it is mainly for the guides and non-resident hunters and will do nothing for us resident hunters.



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      the reason for 164 i think about the 30 percent allocation is because current harvest isn't reaching the desired quota, and non res hunters have the high success rate. So they are using that as a harvest objective tool.
      Residents whimper when they see this stuff, but they either need to get serious when they hunt or not get into the draw and let the serious guys do it...then the quote would be reached the way the system is set up now and there wouldn't be a prop 164.

      i say leave 165 its a total local prefference deal and it pretty much shuts out all other alaskans but hey..thats what props are about, getting a reg set in stone that'll benefit.

      Alaskans are funny, local guys want their local preferance, non locals want alaska preferance and non residents want any preference...shoot everyone wants preference.

      I don't think they should elimnate the draw areas...registration is a screwy way to go for goats.
      Master guide 212


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        The caribou/reindeer are in no danger. Most are taken incidental by deer or bear hunters in the fall. They rom many places not suitable to land a plane and are logistacally a problem to get out once they are shot. Not going to be eliminated!

        The goat hunt is being combined for the purpose of harvest objectives. When they give out 290 goat tags for the two areas and maybe 30 percent hunt. This logistically is better for a registration. The people that actually get a tag will probably go hunt. They are combining the two areas and making the season as long as the draw and registration hunt period was.

        I feel it is a good way to go. It was a 50% draw odds combined any way. It is still over $1000 to go get a goat. So it still will take effort and money to do it. It is not a drive by shoot from the window style hunt anway.


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          Go get em

          I have been listening in and if I got it right the 09 season for the goat draw hunt will go off as usual and on Nov 1st a registration hunt will open with tags available over the net and local office without a waiting period. So if your hunting deer or goat in Nov you can also hunt goat. Thats Good!
          For 2010 it will be a strictly registration hunt with up to 15% non-res allocation.

          Reindeer will now be called cariboo and the season will run concurant with deer until Jan 30 Bag limit 1 no same day airborn hunt. So no more swoop and shoot.


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