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  • proposal 240

    Basically this proposal wants to increase the number of drawing permit hunts that we can apply for each year. From 3 to 6.

    When I first read this I thought great, but after some thinking about it I really think this would suck! It is hard enough to draw and this would only make it harder since more people will be putting in for your hunt.

    What do you think? For it? Against it?

    If you are against it then I would make sure you mail in your comments by the 13th. This one was submitted by the BOG and it more than likely will go in unless we complain. I will do my best to educate the Mat Valley AC and hopefully not support this proposal.

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    money maker

    All this proposal is good for is making money for the state as they get a $5 fee for most selections on the draw and $10 on others. As far as upping your odds to be drawn, it just makes it harder. I'd rather see them go back to one selection apiece on the draws and a 5 year or more wait for that species if you are successfully drawn. That would up your odds.
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      6 draw chances

      Boy what a terrible idea. I cant believe the board of game proposed this. I mean now most permits are impossible to get. Doubling the number of hunts you can apply for and making it that much harder to get drawn? I think having to choose your three choices helps the odds some. Theres always some guys who apply for hunts that are impossible to draw. I think someone must mistakenly think this would increase there chances for a permit?
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        On the fence for this one. I don't think it will really affect the odds. It will increase the funding for F&G. For those of us who research less popular hunts it may be a bennefit. I would honestly like to see some hard data and research on this prop. If this was done in concert with additional limits for non res drawing opportunities then I might bite on this.


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          Originally posted by LuJon View Post
          I don't think it will really affect the odds.
          How could it not hurt your odds! If you are willing to put in the additional 3 tags you just increase the number of permits (by one) for your 4th,5th and 6th choices. Times this by the amount of people that will do so.

          Once this rule is established, make sure you go back and compare the # of applicants before and after this rule. I bet for some hunts you will see at least 50% or more increase.

          Having this will make the points system more atractive.

          Also the currently draw system isn't to make $$$, it is only to cover expenses. The current system does this just fine!
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            The current system is fine?

            Originally posted by tv321 View Post
            Also the currently draw system isn't to make $$$, it is only to cover expenses. The current system does this just fine!
            Excuse me? The current system is fine?

            Then why have guides submitted a number of BOG proposals to change the system to fit their special interest?

            • For those of you who don't know there are a number of proposal by guides to require non-residents to have a hunt contract before they apply for a draw.....this will decrease the income to the state by 10's of thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR.....

            The current draw system must be all about the money. Its the law now.

            • Wildlife are "states assets" and as with any states asset there is presumed value.

            • The State is constitutionally required to get the highest value any time it provides an opportunity to bid on or lottery off a state asset.

            WHAT do you think giving tags to organizations to offer for auction is all about? MAKING MONEY.

            So....lets all roll over and just continue to give more and more special interest groups our tags to auction AND then lets all be just fine with making some more new special rules for guides that increases their chances of getting work while limiting our entire state income potential to support wildlife management in the name of 'guides' best interest.

            Draws are all about money....just depends on what pocket it is coming out of and whose pocket is getting lined.


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