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ADFG Management and IM Presentations

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  • ADFG Management and IM Presentations

    To all,

    David Johnson was kind enough to host a few presentations on the site for you to download or view.

    This first one is Tom Paragi's Intensive Management (IM) presentation given at the 2008 Board of Game meeting in Fairbanks. Tom is the IM coordinator for ADFG, and worked with David to get these files to him. This is a pdf file, 4.86mb in size, so could take a bit for some to view or download.
    Here's the link:
    Overview of Intensive Management with Emphasis on Region III Moose

    The second file is a presentation by Tom Paragi from the moose management workshop in Fbks. Also a large file (6mb) and may take a bit for some to download:
    Intensive Management, Habitat, and Prescribed Fire

    This third file is a non ADFG paper about meat food security in Alaska, and is a short but good overview of where most of the red meat eaten in the state comes from and what the possibilities may be to produce more of our own rather than depend on importation from Outside. It was written by Tom Paragi (ADFG), S Craig Gerlach (Professor of Anthropology at UAF), and Alison M. Meadow (doctoral candidate UAF Anthropology department):
    Security of Red Meat Supply in Alaska

    Big thanks to Tom Paragi and David Johnson for making these papers available to everyone interested in Alaska game management. Plenty of data and charts and maps and info to digest, and I hope putting this information out there helps hunters learn more about some of the mgmt issues we face.
    Best to all,
    Mark Richards

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    Good stuff.

    Thanks Mark for taking the time to pull this together and to Dave for makeing it easily accessible.

    I am sure many people including non-residents will take the time to read through it.


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      thanks again mark... wish i had the time to work it over...
      "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for; even when it isn't there."

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        Thanks for making this available.

        Tom Paragi seems to have his act together and more of this could improve the image and credibility of ADF&G.


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          I can honestly say I knew Tom Paragi before he was famous!
          I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
          I have less friends now!!


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            Thanks Mark

            Appreciate the heads up Mark. I look forward to digging into the info. I'll post again once I've gone through it.


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              Where have you been Cap?

              Go to the archives. Ongoing dicussion about this subject that nobody want's to discuss and just take figures that the Board throws out there hoping people will accept them, ( Bad subject with me )


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