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    2020/2021 Meeting Cycle

    The Alaska Board of Game calls for proposed changes to hunting and

    trapping regulations for the Central/Southwest Region, Statewide Regulations, and Areas of Jurisdiction for Antlerless Moose Hunts


    Central/Southwest Region

    The Alaska Board of Game (board) is accepting proposed changes for hunting and trapping regulations for the Central/Southwest Region (Game Management Units 9, 10, 11, 13, 14A, 14B, 16, and 17) including the following topics:
    Hunting seasons and bag limits including subsistence and general hunts for all species; trapping seasons and bag limits; big game prey populations and objectives for intensive management; predation control areas implementation plans; community subsistence harvest areas; restricted areas including controlled use areas, management areas, closed areas, and closures in state game refuges.
    Proposed changes to 5 AAC Chapter 92, Statewide Provisions, specific to game management units (GMUs) within the Central/Southwest Region will be accepted. This includes regulations under the categories of general provisions, permits, permit conditions and provisions, methods and means, possession and transportation, and the use of game. Proposed changes to Statewide Provisions that do not reference GMUs will not be accepted for the region meeting. Please specify game management units or areas/regions for which the proposal applies.

    Statewide Provisions

    The board is also accepting proposed changes to specific regulations having statewide applicability under 5 AAC Chapter 92, and 5 AAC 98.005, Areas of jurisdiction for antlerless moose seasons. The regulations open on the Call for Proposals are listed are listed on pages 2 and 3, and do not include trapping and hunting seasons and bag limits under 5 AAC Chapters 84 and 85. Proposed changes must be for statewide applicability; proposals specific to regions or Game Management Units will not be accepted unless submitted for the Central/Southwest Region Call for Proposals described above.

    The following topics will be considered for all Game Management Units:

    Brown Bear Tag Fee Exemptions
    Reauthorization of Antlerless Moose Hunts (State statute requires all antlerless moose hunts be reauthorized annually.)

    Statewide Regulations Open on the 2020/2021 Call for Proposals

    General Provisions and Definitions:

    92.001 Application of this Chapter
    92.002 Liability for Violations
    92.003 Hunter Education and Orientation Requirements
    92.004 Policy for Off-Road Vehicle Use for Hunting and Transporting Game
    92.005 Policy for Changing Board Agenda
    92.008 Harvest Guideline Levels
    92.009 Obstruction or Hindrance of Lawful Hunting or Trapping
    92.990 Definitions
    Licenses, Harvest Tickets, Harvest Reports, Tags, and Fees:

    92.010 Harvest Tickets and Reports
    92.011 Taking of Game by Proxy
    92.012 Licenses and Tags
    92.013 Migratory bird hunting guide services
    92.018 Waterfowl Conservation Tag
    92.019 Taking of Big Game for Certain Religious Ceremonies


    92.020 Application of Permit Regulations and Permit Reports
    92.028 Aviculture Permits
    92.029 Permit for Possessing Live Game
    92.030 Possession of Wolf Hybrid and Wild Cat Hybrids Prohibited
    92.031 Permit for Selling Skins, Skulls, and Trophies
    92.033 Permit for Science, Education, Propagative, or Public Safety Purposes
    92.034 Permit to Take Game for Cultural Purposes
    92.035 Permit for Temporary Commercial Use of Live Game
    92.037 Permit for Falconry
    92.039 Permit for Taking Wolves Using Aircraft
    92.040 Permit for Taking of Furbearers with Game Meat
    92.041 Permit to Take Beavers to Control Damage to Property
    92.042 Permit to Take Foxes for Protection of Migratory Birds
    92.043 Permit for Capturing Wild Furbearers for Fur Farming
    92.044 Permit for Hunting Bear w/the Use of Bait or Scent Lures
    92.047 Permit for Using Radio Telemetry Equipment
    92.049 Permits, Permit Procedures, and Permit Conditions
    92.050 Required Permit Hunt Conditions and Procedures
    92.051 Discretionary Trapping Permit Conditions & Procedures
    92.052 Discretionary Permit Hunt Conditions and Procedures
    92.057 Special Provisions for Dall Sheep and Mountain Goat Drawing Permit Hunts
    92.061 Special Provisions for Brown Bear Drawing Permit Hunts
    92.062 Priority for Subsistence Hunting; Tier II Permits
    92.068 Permit Conditions for Hunting Black Bear with Dogs
    92.069 Special Provisions for Moose Drawing Permit Hunts
    92.070 Tier II Subsistence Hunting Permit Point System
    92.071 Tier I Subsistence Permits
    92.072 Community subsistence harvest hunt area and permit conditions
    Methods & Means:

    92.075 Lawful Methods of Taking Game
    92.080 Unlawful Methods of Taking Game; Exceptions
    92.085 Unlawful Methods of Taking Big Game; Exceptions
    92.090 Unlawful Methods of Taking Fur Animals
    92.095 Unlawful Methods of Taking Furbearers; Exceptions
    92.100 Unlawful Methods of Hunting Waterfowl, Snipe, Crane
    92.104 Authorization for Methods and Means Disability Exemptions
    Intensive Management and Predator Control:

    92.106 Intensive Management of Identified Big Game Prey Populations
    92.110 Control of Predation by Wolves
    92.115 Control of Predation by Bears
    92.116 Special Provisions in Predation Control Areas

    Possession and Transportation:

    92.130 Restrictions to Bag Limit
    92.135 Transfer of Possession
    92.140 Unlawful Possession or Transportation of Game
    92.141 Transport, Harboring, or Release of Live Muridae Rodents Prohibited
    92.150 Evidence of Sex and Identity
    92.160 Marked or Tagged Game
    92.165 Sealing of Bear Skins and Skulls
    92.170 Sealing of Marten, Lynx, Beaver, Otter, Wolf, and Wolverine
    92.171 Sealing of Dall Sheep Horns

    Use of Game:

    92.200 Purchase and Sale of Game
    92.210 Game as Animal Food or Bait
    92.220 Salvage of Game Meat, Furs, and Hides
    92.230 Feeding of Game
    92.250 Transfer of Musk oxen for Science and Education Purposes
    92.260 Taking Cub Bears & Female Bears with Cubs Prohibited

    Emergency Taking of Game:

    92.400 Emergency Taking of Game
    92.410 Taking Game in Defense of Life or Property
    92.420 Taking Nuisance Wildlife

    Game Management Units:

    92.450 Description of Game Management Units
    Antlerless Moose Reauthorization:

    98.005 Areas of Jurisdiction for Antlerless Moose Seasons

    Proposals may be submitted by mail, fax, or online:
    Email: (attachments only)
    Mail: ADF&G, Boards Support Section
    P.O. Box 115526
    Juneau, AK 99811-5526
    Fax: (907) 465-6094
    Proposals must be received by Friday, May 1, 2020 at the Boards Support Section office in Juneau. (A postmark is NOT sufficient for timely receipt).

    You are encouraged to submit proposals at the earliest possible date on Board of Game proposal forms available from the Boards Support Section regional offices and on the website at: All proposals must contain an individual’s name and an organizational name if appropriate, contact telephone number, and address. Regional proposals must specify the applicable region or game management unit.
    Providing clarity on the proposal form helps the board, advisory committees, and the public more fully understand the proposed regulatory changes. Proposals that are incomplete or unclear may be omitted from the proposal book. You are encouraged to contact the Boards Support Section staff if you have questions or need assistance with completing the proposal form. Proposals published in the proposal book will be referenced with the appropriate Alaska Administrative Code citation and include a brief description of the action requested. Proposals with emotionally charged language will be rejected or redacted as they detract from the substance of the proposal, may draw opposition not germane to the element(s) of the proposal, and may elicit nonresponsive charges from the public/board members. Proposals not meeting this call or submitted late will not be published.
    Proposal books will be available to the advisory committees, agencies, and the public at for review and comment.
    Proposals received per the above “Call for Proposals” deadline will be considered by the Board of Game at their Statewide Regulations scheduled for March 2021 and the Central/Southwest meeting in January 2021. For more information, please contact the ADF&G Boards Support Section at (907) 465-4110, or email

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