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March BOG meeting

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  • March BOG meeting

    There are several proposals (94,95,96,97) that pertain to goat harvest season and sex. They imply some areas are being under exploited and over populated and that additional opportunity is needed to control the populations.

    Is it more opportunity or more effort that is needed ?

    I am a property owner on Kodiak Is. and a long time on again off again resident of Alaska, currently a nonresident. I have harvested and participated in many legal and successful Kodiak goat hunts and I have hunted trophy black tail in alpine meadows where they share the same habitat and terrain as goats. Too me the tactical difficulty is about the same. You go high and they go higher until the mountain runs out.

    There are many people like me living part time in area DG 480 (south half of Kodiak Is.). We are property owning part time residents there mostly for commercial fishing and recreational activities. Most are avid outdoorsman and sportsman, we know the country. We can only hunt deer, fowl and ptarmigan from our properties as nonresidents.
    I have never really apprciated the economic reasoning for the "must be guided" nonresident kodiak goat hunt stipulation. How about giving us a 1 per season unguided nonresident nanny registration tag. I`m sure it would help the over population problem on Kodiak.

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    Man, that would just make too much sense. Also, the guide and resident lobby would both oppose making it easier for nonresidents anywhere in state avoid guiding fees. I think if you submitted this as a written testimony to BOG, you would see what the real driver of "more opportunity" is; genuine concern for biological management, or more hunt bookings under the guise of biological necessity?


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