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  • Board of Fish Meeting March 16-20

    Sticky Please! BOF meets in Anchorage Monday March 16 at the Egan Center. Discussion involving Cook Inlet area is mainly restricted to Shrimp and clam fisheries in Cook Inlet and PWS; There are two biggies for salmon management, too. An emergency petition to list Alexander Creek as a Stock of Concern for Chinooks, is one, and the second is CIAA's proposal for a cost recovery fishery. Public comment is Monday and Tuesday, with deadline for signup 3pm Monday. Committees break out Tuesday afternoon.
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    Relegated to the Egan Center, huh? Did the state decide the new convention center was too expensive from the BoG meetings? :rolleyes:

    That's too bad that they're taking testimony on the weekdays. That'll almost certainly cut down on participation, right or wrong.

    Thanks for the heads-up.


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      not sure why, but...

      Yup, back in the Egan Center instead of the Denai'na. Its fine with me- I don't like either location! The room is smaller, but fine for the number of people in attendance. All weekday meetings, which meant a pile of lost work time for me- that does stink. Overall location is good, as its only 2 blocks from the Denai'na.

      As far as convention centers go, they are both lousy. Neither one has public computer access, whether free or for pay. Neither one has printing services, which are a vital part of the public process as the meetings are going on. Since no one stays at the convention centers to eat or sleep, access to board members is more difficult. Whatever your views on lobbying members, it is a part of the public process currently in place, and it is not just lobbying access thats more difficult. Speaking with members of F&G and the board to clarify issues is made more difficult by holding meetings in the convention centers. Downtown parking makes the public process much more expensive than the customary meeting places. It is about $10 a day just to park.

      I was told the public bid process is why the meetings were held downtown at city owned facilities. Normally one of the large airport area hotels holds the meetings, and they have public computer terminals, copying service at the front desk, and a restaurant in the building where all participants in teh meeting get a chance to rub elbows. Parking is also free and fully available, so the public is not as inconvenienced by lack of parking space and high prices of that parking space.

      Hopefully this will be the only time these meetings are ever held at either convention center. Individual members of the public should not have to pay the city of Anchorage to be able to participate in state government issues.


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        I agree willphish...the Egan isn't a very good location. I wasn't even at the meetings as much as you were this past week, but I'd bet I still pumped close to 20 bucks in quarters into the parking meters around there. The meeting venues are put out to bid...I guess the "plywood palace" (aka WestCoast) either hasn't been bidding or hasn't been as aggressive with their pricing.

        In the past, the Board used to have their wireless network unsecured so anyone could use it, but it seems they have changed that. It's not a service that they (the Board) needs to provide, I guess...but it sure is nice to have some kind of internet accessibility.
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          Originally posted by willphish4food View Post
          Individual members of the public should not have to pay the city of Anchorage to be able to participate in state government issues.
          There's plenty of free parking in anchorage you just gotta walk a little. How do you think I avoid paying $16 every time I go to the Russian?
          I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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            willphish - There was free wireless internet at the Dena'ina center. If you meant actual computers for the public to use, though, you're right - that's not provided.

            Thanks for being at the meetings. Though you and I don't see eye-to-eye on all issues, you bring great perspective and informed commentary to the meetings. I appreciate it.


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              thanks Brian

              Thanks for the kind word Brian. Whether I see eye to eye with someone on everything isn't as important as being able to have a reasonable discourse, despite differences. Heck, I don't even want to see eye to eye with my wife on everything- we'd have a boring marriage if my wife and I agreed on everything!


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