Kenai River anglers and boaters needed for recreation study



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  • Kenai River anglers and boaters needed for recreation study

    Current and former Kenai anglers and boaters are invited to help identify issues and brainstorm solutions as part of a State Parks study of recreation use on the river. More information about the study is available at the following link:

    Researchers are seeking:

    • Volunteers to attend a “focus group” on Feb 26 from 7 to 9:30 pm in Anchorage
    • Volunteers to review or “pre-test” surveys that will be used in the study

    If you are interested, please return the following information (cut and paste it into an email) to by Saturday, Feb 21.

    1. Your name: ____________________________

    2. Years experience fishing or boating the Kenai: ____ years

    3. Type an X next to the river segments you use regularly:
    Upper Kenai (Kenai Lake to Skilak Lake)
    Middle Kenai (Skilak to Sterling Highway Bridge in Soldotna)
    Lower Kenai (Soldotna to the mouth)

    4. Type an X next to the type of trips you take regularly:
    Powerboat-based fishing for kings
    Powerboat-based fishing for other species
    Driftboat-based fishing for any species
    Bank angling for reds
    Other types of fishing
    Boat-based scenic or wildlife viewing trips

    5. Type an X if you are interested in…
    attending the focus group;
    reviewing draft surveys; or

    We’ll inform those selected for the “focus group” by Monday Feb 23 (if we have more volunteers than we need, we'll randomly select participants from the list).

    For those interested in reviewing the draft survey, we’ll provide a website where you can complete the survey and make comments in April.

    Thanks for your help!

    Doug Whittaker, Ph.D. and Bo Shelby, Ph.D.
    Confluence Research and Consulting
    Anchorage, Alaska and Corvallis, Oregon

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    Who is coming up with the questions for the actual survey? Is there a committee that is wording them or are the lead researchers doing that? If so, who are the individuals on that committee?


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      Study questions

      In general, researchers will be writing the survey questions, but they will be receiving input from State Parks staff (who are sponsoring the research), other agency staff (several federal, state, and local agencies have attended a meeting and will be reviewing the study plan, sampling plan, and surveys), and the KRSMA river use committee. Survey questions will be developed from similar studies on other rivers, a previous study on the Kenai (1992-93, with an eye to comparing responses then and now), and ideas developed at the focus group meetings, KRSMA board meetings, agnecy meetings, and the pre-test of draft surveys (expected in April-May).

      Hope that helps.


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        Thanks Doug, I had heard that there were some non-agency, non-board members that got a lot of input. I hope that you word your questions (unlike past studies) that are more specific and not opened ended and pretty ambiguous.

        Is the study dealing with the entire river over the entire fishing/recreation season? Or is is it going to be more specific.


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          I was going to throw my hat in the ring, but realized I won't be able to make the date for the focus group, if I were chosen.
          I have in years past attended different kenai river meetings and groups, but always left with less than positive feelings.
          I hope that those that you choose for these focus groups would not overpower and bias the meetings like the ones I have attended in the past.
          good luck.
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