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Cheney Lake "poisoned"???

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  • Cheney Lake "poisoned"???

    The ADF&G is going to rotetone Cheney Lake to rid the once stocked 'bow/salmon lake of pike that made thier way into the lake, I've fished Cheney before, & can't believe that they're going to opt for totoal deletion of pike, BIODIVERSETY should have been considered first & a total limit on fishing non pike should have been implemented...

    I would have taken the hybrid Pink/King (that the Elmdorf hatchery created back in, what, '00) fish & planted them in there, in a nice size that would not have taken to pike (iene foot or larger) & then planted 6" 'bow's & graylings as well...and find a natural fish predator of pike & planted them in there as well (I know there has to be some other fish other than pike that eat pike, right???) either that, allow net fishing first for pike & then poison the lake.

    Take a look at the color commentary on the story: comical reading some of it

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    I used to take my kids there fishing before some idiot stocked the lake with pike. Retotone breaks down quickly so there is no real threat to the water supply. The stuff has been used for decades.

    The way other fish survive pike is by living deep or under cover. The lakes in Anchorage that have been illegally stocked are not large enough nor deep enough for that to happen. The pike quickly eat every other fish and will then turn on each other. It took less than two years before Cheney lake went from one of the most popular trout lakes in town to a barren puddle full of pike. Same thing has happened to every other lake illegally stocked with pike. Now pike are in Campbell creek and the salmon are threatened if the pike population takes hold there.

    I look forward to the day when I can take my kids back to Cheney and fish for trout. Pike are fine for fishing, but not in these lakes. They simply are not capable of supporting a predator like that.
    Just a bitter Alaskan clinging to his guns and religion.....


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      "Made their way?"

      How exactly did pike "make their way" into Cheney? Is there a new subspecies of pike that either walk or fly across dry ground to access landlocked lakes? I'm rather confused, goalie.

      Unless that is what happened, then pike did not make their way into Cheney. They were illegally planted by someone; this is not the same as "making their way into" a place, and being a part of a system's natural biodiversity.


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