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Arolik River needs sportfish reg changes!!!

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  • Arolik River needs sportfish reg changes!!!

    Hey fellow anglers we need more conservation regs for the Arolik River. Current sportfish regs have no protections for the rainbow trout population on that small river. IMHO regs should be changed to single hook, artificial lure, "no bait". I personally would also like to see catch and release instituted for rainbow trout and arctic grayling.

    Anyone have any opinions about this recommendation? and what can anglers do to get the State of Alaska BOF convinced that this need to happen soon. Thanks

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    what to do

    First, a proposal to tighten regulations needs to be submitted to the Board. If its something that needs to be looked at right away, submit as an ACR, agenda change request. You will need to have your position well supported. Local Fish and Game information on population (fish), fishing dynamics such as amount of fishing pressure in the last few years- increasing, stable, decreasing, and be able to explain exactly why the regulations should be tightened. The current board was very willing to do anything to crack down on sport fishing. So it should be very easy to get any kind of restriction passed by this board, as long as its well supported and couched as a conservation concern.


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      be careful about unintended consequences...

      Nukalpiaq, Is the Arolik the river just to the south of Quinhagak and the Kanektok?

      Before you are going to propose these kinds of restrictions, it would be good to make sure the locals will support it. While your concerns are aimed at rainbows, a single-hook no bait fishery would also apply to all the salmon fishing, as well. I expect that most of the folks from NVK fish in the Kanektok, so maybe it's not that big of an issue.

      PM me...i'd be happy to discuss it further with you.

      Art Nelson.
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        Yes the Arolik is the river just south of the Kanektok River and north of the Goodnew River. As for sport fish reg changes I could settle for unbaited, "single hook, artificial lure, and yes it would need to apply to salmon fishing as well.
        Catch and release for rainbow trout and arctic grayling would very likely be a hard sell, especially to the locals.
        The Kanektok and Goodnews Rivers as you probably are already aware are included in the Southwest Alaska Rainbow Trout Management Plan. Both rivers have unbaited single hook artificial lure regs. Additionally the Kanektok has a catch and release requirement on RBT.
        Personally I don't believe that State of Alaska Sport Fish Regulation changes on the Arolik would affect locals since subsistence fisheries are managed under the Federal Subsistence Management Program, it is the same for the Kanektok and Goodnew Rivers as well. Subsistence fisheries are alive and well on all three rivers here in Southwest Alaska, as it will continue to be even after sportfish regs have changed.


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          I'd support it! I think if you modeled the proposed regulation on the current regulations fro trophy trout and grayling waters. More liberal limits in the winter.
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