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"Sportsman's Conservation Alliance"?

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  • "Sportsman's Conservation Alliance"?

    ...or "Sportsmen's Conservation Alliance"? Has anyone ever heard of them or know who's behind it? Nothing obvious showed up with a google search, but I heard this group mentioned as one of those funding these new anti-Walker ads (along with RGA and one other group). I'm not asking to start a political discussion -- which the mods will kill -- but to simply to know if anyone know about this group. PM, if you'd rather. Thanks, Art.
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    Huh, their director and vice president is also the mullet-sporting, Canadian Tuxedo wearing vice chair of.... Kenai River Sportfishing Association. But I'm sure KRSA is uninvolved, since the conservations alliance is a different organization with a different (unique) name... And I have no idea why they would not support Walker... I mean, he has made it no secret that there would probably be some housecleaning in state bureaucracy if he wins the election...

    I can't help the sarcasm at this point. Thanks for the post Mr. Fish. I wondered who these guys were when I heard the ad the other day, but forgot all about it and would not have checked had you not brought it to our attention.


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      Alaska King Salmon Conservation Alliance - Bob Penney

      Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance - Bob Penney

      Alaska Sportsmen's Conservation Alliance - Ruben Henke

      Kenai River Sportfishing Association - Uninvolved with the above as they claim? Was I born at night? Last night?

      Why do these guys need to keep creating new organizations? Why can't they just use KRSA to accomplish their goals?


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        Is anyone really surprised??? The more groups they invent the more they can say that, "look at all these sportfishing groups that agree on this issue". As much as I absolutely hate KRSA, you have to admit they have the money and the power to own the game and they have it greased all the way through the system. They own the Governor, the legislature, the BOF, ADF&G, DNR.... you name it they control it. Until there are changes at the top the dominos will cease to fall. The sad part is that the resources will take the brunt of their actions to support "opportunity at all costs" over conservation and tourism, tourism, tourism over local Alaskans. Greed, power and money always translates into one thing and it's never good for the resources involved.


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