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Donating sport/personal use fish

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  • Donating sport/personal use fish

    I know this forum is the foremost legal authority in the state of Alaska when it comes to anything Alaskans care about. Actually I do kind of believe that, if you take the perspectives given with a healthy dose of salt and vertification.

    Question: Is donating processed salmon (canned / smoked) to an alumni fundraiser event legal?

    I am considering, ONLY if it is legal, donating some of my personally harvested salmon, that would then be auctioned off with proceeds going to the school as a donation. I suppose there is also a separate legal question as to whether this is legal, though I'm assuming there is probably a clear YES or NO for this circumstance.

    I could easily donate recently sport caught sockeye versus that I harvested from personal use several weeks ago if the distinction is important. It will be a moderate donation, with the goal as much to add an Alaskan touch to the event as it is to raise substantial funds.

    One of you guys is better in touch with the statutes in this regard I am sure. Thanks for the time.

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    There's nothing wrong with you donating salmon, however, auctioning off the salmon technically puts it into commerce (exchanging goods for money) which is a no-no. If they want to auction off salmon, it needs to be a commercially processed product.


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      Unless the regulation changed this past Board you cannot give any personal use fish to other than family members. I would call protection because there was a discussion of this before the Board. I had heard you can give it away to anyone but have not seen a regulation change to verify this.

      Relative to selling PU fish - that is a no no as stated. First, selling fish requires a processor because of health and safety issues. Also it is commerce so I would not go that route.


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        Thank you gentleman, much appreciated. Donation (at least of sport caught) ok. Auctioning / exchanging for $$ not ok.

        I also heard something about that with respect to the personal use fish Nerka. If you find out more regarding the actual current statute or regulation, please pass it on.

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