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    Ate lunch at the Kenai airport yesterday. Noticed the IP security cameras the city has installed there. Pretty expansive network. Then, sitting at the Arby's intersection, noticed another hanging from the street light. It seems these things are everywhere. Not sure how I feel about them, but apparently no one asked, and I don't think they're going anywhere. Luckily I have nothing to hide.

    So I got to thinking, why doesn't the city and or ADFG have them at the boat launches? Wouldn't this provide valuable information not only about river use, but use patterns, harvest rates, etc? Seems like a cheap, effective means of gathering data. Much better than depending on word of mouth for inriver harvest info, and long run cheaper than having people stand there all the time. From my observation, infrastructure and funding for surveillance is obviously not an issue.

    Trying to think outside the box.

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    Been there for years. Use it often to check conditions.
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      If you have a camera, someone has to sit there and watch TV. It's not "cheaper".
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        Is the one near Arbys a camera? It might be one of those deals for the Fire Dept, ambulance etc. To change the lights by remote so they can get through the lights quicker.
        Like Joat said someone does have to review the videos to get the info.
        Plus there are a lot of access points. Some public some private.
        The airport cameras may be federally mandated? Just a guess.
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          Likely not cheaper since the govt is involved but there is computer software that can analyze events caught on video for key features. Heck a 199 dollar drop cam from Home Depot can give you that basic technology for personal use.


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