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Tundra Ski Skins??

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  • Tundra Ski Skins??

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a set of ski skins for my 1996 tundra. I was hoping to find a set that was 7 to 8 inches wide. I have spent atleast 6 hours between the internet and the dealer with no luck. My skis measure 5.5" wide by 40.5 inches long. I have no problem doing some minor modifications to make them fit.

    Thanks in advance for your response

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    frontier outfitters in Fairbanks

    In Fairbanks they sell two kinds of skins at frontier outfitters. I think I get the ones that claim that they are for a Polaris and just redrill the holes where I need them for my 99 Tundra and then cut them to the right length. They last about 2 seasons and then I do it all over again. They are wider than you are looking for (10" I think) but that only helps me float even better.
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      Thanks byrd huntr. Instead of looking for a ski skin that will fit a tundra I will look for one that is 8" wide and modify it to work. I live in Palmer. Has anyone purchased wide ski skins for their tundra from an Anchorage, valley, or internet store? Thanks again.


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        Part #572-096-400 from Ski-Doo. $90


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          NJF, shoot me a pm about these skins, I might be able to help you out. I am in Eagle River.


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            I could not figure out how to send a PM. I know I sent a few PMs a year or so ago......I sent you an email instead.



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