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    I was recently given an '02 Mountain Cat 570 (fan). I am thankful of course, but man does that rear end stick up high! And not being a mountain "klim"-er, but a trail guy, I decided to bend a 1/4" x 2" steel strap and hang it from the rear pull handle and from the inside of the tunnel. It drops down about 4'' with a flapper hitch on it. I had to fab a new snow flap and cut an access through it for the flapper hitch to stick out. Looks pretty redneck.

    Anyone have any experience with using the Mountain Cat for light weight towing? I realize it is probably geared for carving and climbing and all that kinda stuff, but who can turn down a free, pristine, low mile machine? Not me!

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    Hopefully the first time you pull something you don't tweak the tunnel. AC has hitches engineered to prevent this. The MC should be geared lower than a shortrack.
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      The tunnel should be reinforced before towing or loading. Pulling even a light sled or hauling a five gallon can of gas on the rear, without beefing up the tunnel will result in failure. I have seen the tunnels kinked beyond repair. Fishplate as far forward as you can.
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        Thanks guys-

        I doubled the aluminum with 1/8th inch stuff (?gauge?) and pop-riveted the heck out of it before I hung the hitch from tunnel. This model has no tunnel extension.


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          I've pulled sleds with every machine I've ever owned. Most have been long-tracked sport sleds. I usually reinforce tunnels and use a hitch on the bumper. Sometimes the bumper needs reinforcement, too. For newer sleds with tall rear ends the solution is to extend the trailer tongue. Doing so won't hurt if you occasionally use a lower hitch.


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            We have a 02 570 short track and pull a Otter ll. We installed a flapper hitch on the plastic bumper (from Arctic cat) and pull around 200/300lbs. No problems as of now but i am sure that day will come. 900 river miles.


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