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    I'm bumping this so I can find it easier, to remind myself I still have work to do. Those 8 tooth drivers are pretty hard to find. Seems like everytime I find a set, I'm a day late. Anybody have 8 tooth drivers laying around? Want to make a deal?


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      I took on this very project with much help from this thread but I just wanted to let other people know who might try this that a 1.5" track WILL NOT FIT even with the 8 tooth drivers because you cannot push the track up far enough to slide your driveshaft back into the chain case without the inner drive lugs catching on the sprockets i had to cut my track down .25 of an inch to allow me to get my driveshaft back in.


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        I swapped in a 136x 1.25 track by taking the track, skid, and drivers out of a regular Indy. No problems so far

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          The trick is to pull your chaincase off the bulkhead, put in axle and track, then finesse chaincase over the axle and bolt up.


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            Originally posted by nhoracle View Post
            I'm really interested to see how this turns out. I bought a 97 Indy Lite GT a few years ago with 700 miles on it, for ice fishing here in New Hampshire. Also use it for trail riding with the kids, and thinking about getting another one. I got the GT stuck once in 3' powder going up hill.. so a taller lug would be nice. I've had other small twins before, but these little Polaris 340s can move for what they are. I haven't put the gps on it, but speedo reads 65 bombing across the lake and it gets there pretty quick. And it pulls my <400lb 7x8 ice shack very well. I'd like to know how the 8 tooth works out if one is found.. I don't need to do 60 as much as I need to pull stuff with it.(45mph speed limit on trails here in NH, no limit on frozen lakes) I'm also looking into getting older 85-88 Indy 488 to mod with xtra 10 and 15x144x1.5 track.. So I can do the one time $50 Vintage registration...Then who cares if we get snow or not. Here in the NorthEast, Polaris Indys are a dime a dozen.. so Parts should always be easy to find. Again, I'll be watching this thread closely, maybe add to it as parts/time allow.
            I just finished replacing the stock 133.5 inch X15 inch X 2.52 Pitch X.72 inch lug height track on one of my 4 mid '90s Indy Lite GT's, the '95 in this case. I started with a freebie, nearly new Skid Doo 136 X 16 X 1.25 inch paddle track of the same pitch and considered trying to put it under the Indy Lite GT. The conclusion I came to was yeah, maybe it was possible get a 16 to fit but at the least a dozen or more of the pop rivets used in sled construction would have to be drilled out and reversed so the button heads were in the tunnel instead of outside. So I cut a half inch off the track with a battery powered DeWalt circular saw. Went remarkably well, I used a 3 foot piece of half inch or so wood trim remnant as a fence along the drive lugs to keep the cut straight. Lots of smoke, do it outside if possible! A friend helps for keeping the top part of the track above the cutter but a set of overhead lift points worked for me. The cut came out very clean; I was glad I didn't have to fight the extra inch of track getting it in the tunnel. Skid removal and old track removal was as laid out in better posts, going back together got interesting. A bit of a battle to get the drive axle in but finally got it. The trick mentioned above of taking the chain case off would help. On paper the 133.5 and 136 should have worked no problem as the 2.5 inch length difference should have be split top and bottom on the track. I had a fat inch left of rear adjust on the idlers with the stock track so figured maybe a bit loose with the 136 but not grossly so. Didn't work that way. With the adjusters at full aft I still had 3 or more inches of sag with no weight, Polaris calls for a ten pounder at track center 16 inches forward of the rear axle. Not giving up I played with "sucking track" up by trying the bottom most hole of the four at the front torque shaft mounts. That sucked some track but without dropping the rear mount point really made the suspension grouchy and bound up. Larger rollers for the top track carrier wheels was a thought but those are offset inboard rather than symetric and 5/8 inch bearing bore to boot. Didnt't eat that much track either. Ultimately I drilled out all four forward mount holes and used the second one down to get just a bit of benefit, it also mated quite happily with the rear mount points now and for the first time the suspension seems to have enough support. Note: the springs used on the GT version of the Indy Lite and the ones used in the short track Lite and Lite deluxe are the same Part number. That would make the same spring wrong for either the two up rated GT or the Lite/Lite deluxe pair. I've always felt the GT was way to soft personally. Next, the final solution to the problem. The larger rollers for the upper track carriers got some "suck" but not near enough. I went to my local snow machine salvage yard and got the largestt rear idlers they could find easily - off a Skidoo of some version, 180mm across vice the 160 mm stock Polaris idlers. Same bearings, bore, centers, etc. just bigger with a lot more "contact area". Track is now completely adjustable to proper tension, the wheels do raise the track a bit off the rear heels of the skid/hyfax but not a lot. Now I wait for next year's snow. With the skid out was also the time to free up the rear torque arm shaft, that will be a later post. Also replaced some wheel/roller bearings, after ~ 25 years they were ready! Yet another post.


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