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seat repair?

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  • seat repair?

    Any good ideas on fixing some rips and tears on a seat? I want to keep it from ripping more and prevent water from getting in. The best thought I have so far is some good old duct tape!
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    I used a patch kit for fixing fishing waders to patch a hole I burnt into my seat with my leaddog light like an idiot. The patch is waterproof and it has stayed in place for 2 seasons going on a third. The patch is only bout 2 or 3 inches round though.


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      Depends on the brand. Polaris you can just buy a new seatcover and put it on.
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        Marita sea and ski is selling "old stock" seat covers right now for a very reasonable price.


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          no duct tape!!!

          it will turn into a stick'e mess....clean it up with achol/ it shut if need be ..small size strong fish line darcon/spider wire..then shoe goo to about 3/8 of a inch around it...(and No copys of shoe goo)...let dry all the way and it will last a long long time....
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            I have and know others who have taken a piece of ice and water shield AKA *****athane and heated it up with a torch so it adheres to the seat. Best to do pretty much the whole seat rather than a small section. Looks a little better than duck tape as it is black but not much better. But keeps your butt dry and seat from turning to a block of ice if the foam gets wet
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              seat cover

              i was at go pro the other day and asked them for recovering seat options and they told me they could recover a seat for about 150 bucks or you can take it down to fine line interiors and he will recover seats with a waterproof non slip cover for not much more than that.


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