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    For the guys who bust powder...

    Right in front of most sleds there's a gap where the hood and belly pan meet. On my Edge RMK it's right behind the front bumper. When you ride on those great days when the powder comes rolling over the hood...your belly pan fills up with snow...which is melted by the muffler and turns to ice.

    My old solution was to drill a couple of 3/8" drain holes in the pan.

    So, I tried something and it seems to work pretty good.

    I bought a rubber weatherstrip for a door threshold. Cut it to fit and duct-taped it to the inside lip of my hood. When the hood is closed and latched, the rubber is pressed against the matching lip on the belly pan sealing off that hole.

    I test drove this on Saturday...porpoising through unbroken powder to my hearts delight and my $7.00 fix only let in about a snowball's worth of snow.

    The snow in the pic is from photographer buffoonery--It was snowing & too dark so I left the hood up while I went looking for my head lamp.
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