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Northern sled mods?

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  • Northern sled mods?

    Just curious what others have done to their Northern sleds(cross fox) to make them even better. I like some of the mods available from dealer just not the price lol. I'm thinking of some cross bars to make hauling 15 gal drums easier. How bout hauling another machine in one? Don't like the A-arms rubbing on the sidewalls. Just curious what others have come up with pics appreciated!

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    I don't have a picture, but I build a 2x6 frame like a deck and capped it with a piece of plywood. Flipped plywood side up, it is a great platform to put snowmachine on (screw a couple temporary 2x6's to hold the skis). Flipped plywood side down, the spacing of the 2x6's are set up to hold fuel jugs.
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      I put a couple of sheet metal screws in the UHMV runners when I plan on covering miles of glare ice or glare ice overflow. That sled behind you can start swinging to the front and the sheet metal screws keep it from doing that. Plus they are easy to screw in and out. A large rubber maid action packer fits perfectly in the crossfox. I did get the Apocalypse Designs cordura cover. Keeps the wet overflow out and makes it easy to strap stuff in.


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