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Really really stiff steering

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  • Really really stiff steering

    I have a 94 Yamaha venture lite that I picked up last spring. It's in pretty cherry condition and just what I need with a nice tall windshield and reverse to get it off the trailer. I haven't ridden much yet this year but I have noticed that the handlebars are really really hard to turn........takes almost all my strength and I'm old but not THAT old. Does seem to loosen up a bit once I ride a bit. I didn't notice this issue last spring. I'm going to look in the daylight tomorrow and see if there are some linkages I need to hit with some spray lube or grease. I'm thinking maybe some low temp stuff. Only other sleds I ever owned were some early RMKs and As I recall they had a strap you adjusted to shift weight front to rear which took weight off your skis. I don't have a manual for this sled yet so if anyone else has some pointers for me to look at Id really appreciate it. The wheeler I use to plow also seems to have stiffer steering.....maybe it's just a frozen moisture issue.

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    Should be some grease zerk fittings on your spindles, sounds like they are in need of some. If no zerks you'll have to pull it apart and lube them up.


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      Lift the front end up so the skis are off the ground first, then turn your handlebars. If it's still stiff, grease up the zerks (actually, grease them anyways). If they move fine, then it's just the skis on the snow.Are your running ski skins or aggressive carbides?


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        I think all the machines have limiters (or stoppers) to shift weight. They are straps up under the front of the track. Tighter limiters put more pressure on the skis. Adjust both identically. Adjusting this may affect track tension, check the manual. The rear shock can also put pressure on the skis.

        My initial thought is something in your steering has an issue.
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          Looks like the straps are both slack....ill try to get skis up in the air....looks like anything that might need grease will be behind the plastic pan so dropping that might be next

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            As akfj40 stated about the spindles.That is more likely to be the problem if you are in doubt about the cause disconnect the steering where it connects to the spindles that way you will be able to tell if it is the spindles or farther up in the steering sys. Good Luck


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              That machine will have TSS (pogo stick) front suspension. Pretty reliable. If memory serves there are zerks at the elbow bushing only. If the skid's limiters are slack I'd look at whether the front skid shock spring has gone flat. That'd make it steer stiff. Or even something as simple as a belly full of ice that's interfering with the steering column.


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