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polaris 600 liberty ves compression

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  • polaris 600 liberty ves compression

    the title kind of says it. im looking for the compression on the polaris 600 liberty ves its in a 2010 rmk. google and many forums are giving me different numbers. if anyone has serious knowledge of these engines please let me know. also if its hot or cold or however the proper way to test it is. i've heard both plugs out, one plug in, throttle opened, warm, hot, cold, one foot in the air facing slightly north.. the whole bit. i think i'm coming up with 120psi cold but want to know for sure. the reason i'm asking is one of my machines (both the same) is becoming way easier to pull start than the other and i'm thinking one is getting low on compression and might need some new rings but want to know if it will make it through april so i can rebuild it during the summer.

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    Should be 120 psi. Install your gauge, hold throttle wide open, and give it a 3-5 pulls or until the gauge settles. I've usually always done them cold.


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      thanks for the answer 120 is about what im getting. strange one is getting noticably easier and they have the same compression. i guess the rest is just wearing and loosening up.


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        I bet the one that is easier uses less oil then the other one...
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