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Auger Rack For New Tundra (2011)

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  • Auger Rack For New Tundra (2011)

    I needed a way to haul auger and fishing gear out to the lake on my Tundra. I picked up an Action Packer for gear storage and fabricated some clamps for the auger. I used a 1/8" doubler and welded clamps to doubler and attatched to top with 1/4-20 SS bolts and nyloks. Box, auger et al. is secured to sled with a couple of small ratchet straps.
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    Wow, Thats Nice!! Wish i could weld like that. Anything not to have too pull a trailer....
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      i saw a guy last year that makes and sells a sled auger deal thats kind like a sled but it isnt very hard to explane but yours is perfect could even make it with light steel if you cant weld aluminum. dont let your buddy rear end you!!! well he hopes not i guess lol but very nice idea i might adopt some ideas from it


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        I fabricated a sled type auger hauler "augerboggan" for my Tundra II and posted it in the make it yourself section awhile back. Fabricated it out of aluminum and used P-tex on the bottom, it worked good but upgraded ? to a new Tundra and sold the old Tundra with hauler and auger.


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          Nice welding.
          My only question is will the action packer lid hold up to longer rides or bumpytrails?
          I personally prefer to tow a sled as I usually fish with friends and family and that means taking some extra gear.
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            Before buying the Action Packer I stood on it to assure it would support the weight, that was without the double on the lid to spread the far it has worked well.


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              Hey another innovation from the Tedo workshop! Good job. I just wish those Action Packers were a little thicker on the bottom. They don't last.
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