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2005 King Quad, ignition problems

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  • 2005 King Quad, ignition problems

    I have a 2005 King Quad 700 EFI. On a recent trip we were riding along just fine for several hours.... the machine was very wet and had been in the mud and water, but not past the bottom of the seat.

    All of a sudden it stopped running, just shut down. It would not start, turn over or even fire. The headlights and dash display was on. When i pushed the start button, lights would dim, bit no firing. I noted the ignition fuse was blown. Replaced it and as soon as I pushed the start button again, it would die and blown fuse.

    One time I got it running, but as soon as I put it into gear, it died....blow fuse.

    It sounds like I may have a short....but where. Even after the machine dried out I continued to have this problem....

    Any ideas????

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    Check the wiring harness from your ignition button to the main harness for shorts or badly corroded connections. I have a similar problem on my 2002 Vinson where I have lights and instrument panel lights but no ignition. Luckily no blown fuses but if I reach under the fender of left front tire and jiggle the wiring harness that supplies the key wiring harness it usually starts right up. I just have to find the time to check my connections. Good luck and jiggle some wires.


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