patching a bullet hole in an Argo



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  • patching a bullet hole in an Argo

    Yep you read it right....
    A DA riding in the Argo had a discharge of a 44 mag through the bottom of the Argo. Didn't touch anything but plastic. Whew! What is the best stuff to use for a permanent patch on the inner and outer hull material? Is there a closed cell foam that could be sprayed in that would fill the hole through both sides and dry hard and water proof? I'm not the first I'm sure.... Gotta be a good fix (duct tape don't cut it).

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    Check the make it yourself forum and look for the thread on plastic welding.
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      You might also look in the shooting fourm for some gun handling/safty tips
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        Fixed him up

        After I finished my best T.I. Yelling tyrade I don't think that goof ball will want to own another gun much less load one. Take a stranger hunting and you never know what you'll get. Lesson learned.
        Now I just gotta fix the Argo. His pride will heal someday. Hopefully he learned something that will be a life lesson. At the cost of my ventilated Argo.... maybe the tough lesson will save someones life someday.


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          Tealer I think you may now hold the record for the most understated opening post in a thread of all time.


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            Do you have a plastic welder? I live in Fairbanks also and I have one. I have never used it that much so I don't have alot of exp. with it but I do have one if you need to borrow. Good luck


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              Least it wasn't a shotgun!
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                My question is was the argo in season? If not fish and game will probally need to write up some citations.:rolleyes:


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                  your .44 mag hole should clean up nicely with a 1/2" drill bit. you can then install a short 1/2" bolt goobed up with sealant with a washer on both sides. Not as profesional as plastic welding, but it will work good. If you use a round head carriage bolt on the outside it will help prevent the bolt from getting hung up on obstructions.
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                    Argo hunting!!

                    Man we need some pictures of this!! You know there is nothing like getting a good picture after hunting such an extraordinary trophy!!

                    If you still haven't fixed it yet, I weld it back together for you. In dealing with plastic all the glues on the market combined are not as strong as plastic welding!!


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                      I would use an epoxy putty.

                      Loctite and Devcon make them and they are perfect for doing a small patch like that. An epoxy will seal it up like new.
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                        Marine Tex -will fix it

                        There is a product called "Marine Tex" that would fix it good.

                        It's a two part epoxy thats commonly used to repair plastics and fiberglass.
                        it's also a great product for fixing fuel leaks. - no boat should be without it.
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                          How about 3M 5200? It is now my fix-all for stuff that has to be waterproof.


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                            Originally posted by Tealer View Post
                            A DA riding in the Argo had a discharge of a 44 mag through the bottom of the Argo.
                            Those District Attorneys can be dumb arses sometimes.

                            The Argo I bought was used and the previous owner had somewhat melted a large area of the tub in back with the exhaust of a generator they had running in the back. There was no hole at first.

                            After foolishly running it a few times without addressing the situation, I learned to my dismay that the tire had worn a hole in the tub. Not learning my lesson, I continued to run the rig until the hole got larger than a grapefruit.

                            Now I had trouble. I almost sunk myself in a rivulet of the Copper River when I realized how big the hole had gotten.

                            Not even realizing there was a such thing as a "plastic welder", I used a propane torch to heat the remaining plastic into a shape I could work with. Then I got a piece of galvanized sheet metal and cut and bent it to fit over the hole with a few inches all around to spare. Then I drilled and riveted it into place and got that auto body seam sealant and used that to seal the edges all around both inside and outside.

                            Problem solved. It has been three years now, and it still doesn't leak.


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                              Even though I have a plastic welder I'd give strong consideration to a 3/8" bolt, fender washer, PL roof flashing sealant and a T nut. Glop it up, crank it down and you're done.

                              All I can say is thank God he had that thing pointing down!

                              Oh, and am I bad person for laughing when I read this thread
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