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  • What tires to choose?

    Hi! I've been browsing ATV mud tires and wheels and found a few interesting options. May I know if you guys recommend the ITP Mayhem over Maxxis Zillas for the 2011 Polaris Ranger 800 XP? Is it true that the Zilla is one of the tires that run short? I've read that their 26" only measure around 24.5 to 25" while the 28s are a tad over 26". Hoping to get some feedback from those who bought tried out these tires.

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    It may not be much help but I got recommendations for the Zillas for my 700 Prowler. Here's the thread:


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      I just ordered up some Zillas. They made it to washington and should be on the boat sailing up here today. I also read that they do run short by about an inch. My stock tires also measure short by an inch. I went with one inch taller because I didn't want to add any spacers, clutch kits or trim plastic. I've made that mistake in the past and it also can rob a lot of power. I figured why sweat it over 1/2 more ground clearance. Since I don't have them yet I can't give you any more info, but I can report back here in a week or so after I install them on my machine.


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        I love the mega mahems on our atv’s but have not replaced the stock tires on our Ranger yet as the tires have been adequate so far. A couple of guys I know are running Cryptids on side by sides and are very happy with them. Lots of choices and I hope whatever you get works out well for you.


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          Great luck with Mud Lites ITP
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