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Ranger 6x6 Plywood Roof

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  • Ranger 6x6 Plywood Roof

    I was tired of the stock 'sport' roof always dripping on my knees while driving so we decided to make a plywood roof.

    We used 3/4" plywood scraps from our previous flatbed project. We had 2 36"x48" pieces left over.

    We then tapered it so that the plywood followed the shape of the roll cage. We also rounded the corners to help deflect brush and keep branches from catching. We left about 2 to 3 inches of overhang on each side.

    Cutting it mounted up to the roll cage was tricky due to the fact that the roll cage is not level all across the top. In other words if you lay a sheet of plywood across the top of the bar on the roll cage behind your head is lower than the rest of the roll cage. So this is where we had to make a spacer.

    We used pressure treated 2 x 6's as the spacer. It also served as the joint of the two pieces of plywood that the roof was constructed of. The gap in the rear of the roll cage is close enough to 1.5" where the 2 x 6 didn't need to be trimmed down at all. However in the front the 2 x 6 had to be sanded down in order to fit uniformly without bowing the plywood.

    To secure the plywood to the roll cage we simply used pipe clamps we found at Lowe's. We used carriage bolts so the roof on top wouldn't have any bolt heads for items to catch on.

    From this point on we added truck bed liner for added protection and grip when the roof is wet. The stuff is spendy, but adds awesome protection to things such as plywood and the gallon goes a long ways.

    We then used 1/8 inch walled angle aluminum as a protector for the leading edges of the roof. The angle had to be notched in order to round the corners.

    We then added L track to the roof for securing items on top of the roof.

    We then added wire clamps to neatly route the lightbar wiring. In the future I will add two more 6 inch light bars with the ability to swivel in the rear.

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    Nice job!
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      Great idea, nice write up.


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        Very professional looking. :topjob:


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          Very nice job! I like the way the equally spaced cuts allowed you to bend metal trin around those corners and still end up with a fairly smooth joint.

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