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New Ranger 800 6x6. Suggested mods?

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    IDK about a warranty for a 2016 but, if you get it, you'll be happy with it.
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      You can buy mine from me!

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        I just picked up a 2011 6x6 Ranger. Couldnít walk away from it for the price. It needs a little clean up work and 2 front CV axles. Came with high clearance +1.5Ē forward front arms, high lifter radiator relocate, and 27Ē XTRís that look almost new. The rear parking brake is shot, but Iím working on a fix/mod to eliminate that. Heard they donít really work good anyway. Iíll throw some pics up when I get off the slope, for a before and after. No plans for any crazy mods, just a few improvements steering stops, some of these and maybe a dura clutch next summer, funds permitting. Anyone having luck finding mid axles. I would like to have one or two in reserve. Also Iíd like to go through the transmission so any advice for bullet proofing that is welcome. I canít seem to find the thread on BCR where a guy was talking about it, heck it might have been theUltrarider now that I think about it. Looking forward to digging into this thing.


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          No after market mids available unless you want to have some custom made. Turner axles will do custom ones. If I recall correctly you need to send in your mids and the will reproduce them using higher quality materials. This was from a couple years ago so things may have changed but I kind of doubt it since the machines are no longer in production
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            Thanks mjm, Iím not really looking for extra strength, just an option from expensive oem ones. Iíd rather blow axles than diffs. I have read American CV are good, but rarely have them in stock. Maybe Iíll call Chad at A2d and see what he has. Mine are fine for now, but just looking ahead. I do need 2 new fronts.


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