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Polaris Sportsman 570 X2 seat fix

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  • Polaris Sportsman 570 X2 seat fix

    I recently picked up a 2015 Sportsman 570 X2. Over all its a great machine but I was having an issue with excessive heat from the exhaust. It would go so hot under the seat that the plastic would get soft causing the seat pegs to get soft and the seat would slide out. Worrying about the seat falling off is a real buzkill while riding.

    A little reading on the net seems to confirm that the 570 suffer from excessive exhaust heat. The going fix for this issue was header wrapping the exhaust and applying heat reflective tape to the under side of the seat, fuel tank, and side panels.

    I picked up some 1” header wrap but was unable to find a peice of reflective tape big enough for the seat base locally. I wrapped the exhuast from the motor to the muffler and sealed the wrap with high temp silcone paint. I was talking to HP polaris abut the issue and they recomended trying the broken peg repair kit made for the ranger seats. I was able to make the repair kit work by cutting the original pegs off and drilling a hold large enough to push the threaded aluminum peg thru. I cut a small window in the plastic below the peg just large enough to put a washer and nut with box end wrench, approximately 3/4”. To help stiffen up the seat plastic I rivited a strip of 1/8” aluminum 1.5” wide and 10” long. This covered the window cut out of the seat material and kept the rear of the seat rigid reguardless of temperature.

    Took it out and ran it pretty hard for about 3 hours tonight and no shifting seat. It still got quite hot but the aluminum strip seems to keep the rear of the seat rigid and the oversized aluminum pegs fit nice and snug. I’m going to order some foil heat reflective tape and put it on the seat and fuel tank, figure it cant’ hurt.

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    How has the machine held up for you since the modification? We had a 2007 X2 in the 500 that we loved and went to a buddy couple years ago.

    Wanting to get another--and haven't had any experience with the 570's yet. So curious what you've loved, hated, had to fix, etc.
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      The seat has held up since the modifications. Unfortunately it still generates a lot of heat, it completely melted thru the side panel, even after the header tape. I had to get another side panned and triple up on the thermal tape.

      It has also developed a short somewhere that causes it to stop charging the battery periodically but occasionally starts working again.

      I just don't know what's going on with Polaris anymore. From the continued problems with my 2013 6x6 breaking a-arm bolts and now these problems with the 570. I love the way it runs when everything is right but just a lot of problems.

      I've always had Polaris in the past but I don't think I will ever buy another. If you can find an older sportsman 500 HO, grab it. My 08 has been great.

      I'm not sure what atv make is any better anymore. Maybe a Yamaha, I have a buddy who really likes his grizzly

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        Sad to hear. Heard folks were having nightmare issues with the a-arm bolts on the 2013's.

        Every Polaris I've had has been flawless--granted I'm pretty easy on them too, but never had anything fail I wasn't expecting.

        My wife's 550 is so, so, so much more comfortable than our 500 was. The narrower seat and bigger foot areas simply removes the tweak I used to get in my hips after long riding days. The 570's seem a little thicker in the seat, but still slimmer than the 500's. If I could find a garaged, super clean 550 I'd buy it, but expect it isn't going to happen. So expecting the 570 X2 will have to do--but will be asking if they have updated anything for heat shield insulation issues for sure.

        With us also adding a Ranger this year--sure hope I don't end up with two duds. I am holding off on the Ranger for a little while just to see what is going to come of the Ranger 6x6. It wasn't in the 2017 lineup, and heard the cab parts are getting harder to come by, so rumors are they will either drop them entirely or hopefully update to 900 or 1000 with the newer cabs. We'all see.
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          My 2015 570 Sportsman has had no heat issues at all. Runs great And I'm been far happier with it than the 500 HO it replaced.

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